Đề kiểm tra học kỳ I môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 12 (Hệ 7 năm) - Sở GD & ĐT Quảng Trị

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Đề kiểm tra học kỳ I môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 12 (Hệ 7 năm) - Sở GD & ĐT Quảng Trị
sở giáo dục và đào tạo
Quảng trị
kiểm tra học kỳ I
Năm học 2005-2006
Môn: Tiếng Anh lớp 12 (hệ 7 năm)
Thời gian 45 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)
Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct
Part 1: (52ms) (2ms/ea)
Blanken the letter next to the correct word - A, B, C or D - on your answer sheet.
0.	Harry Steele_____ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.
	A. were going	B. went	C. has gone	D. do
	Example answer: 0. B
She is studying English. She started learning it 3 years ago. She _____ English for 3 years.
	A. studied	B. had studied	C. has been studying	D. studies
I will have you car _____ soon
	A. repaired	B. repairing	C. to repair	D. being repaired
I've never heard of it. Where_____?
	A. did it make	B. made it	C. was it make	D. was it made
Some more money was sent to Sam. Sam _____ some more money.
	A. sent	B. has sent	C. was sent	D. had sent
They _____ for Japan tomorrow
	A. will be leaving	B. will have left	C. are left	D. have left
_____ we offer you this job, when car you start?
	A. and	B. if	C. or	D. because
_____ did he go? - 1,600 miles.
	A. How long	B. How long ago	C. How many further	D. How far
An operation is usually performed by a _____
	A. nurse	B. dentist	C. scientist	D. surgeon
_____ all Sam's money was returned
	A. at time	B. after a time	C. with the times	D. a long time
_____ he has never borrowed any money from me.
	A. last week	B. up till now	C. since	D. a week ago
_____ you're going to the fruit market, would you please pick up a few apples for me?
	A. even if	B. although	C. so	D. as long as
After Joe's father died, he was_____ up by his grandmother.
	A. grown	B. brought	C. taken	D. looked
They wanted to know if the woman had died of the rare_____
	A. illness	B. pain	C. ache	D. hurt
I carried one of the_____
	A. box of books	B. boxes of books	C. boxes of book	D. book's boxes
The inn- keeper returned with my bag. He _____ quickly.
	A. turned	B. turned back	C. came back	D. turned round
The old couple have saved a lot of money for their_____
	A. retire	B. retirement	C. retired	D. retiring
He spet his_____ in Hue city.
	A. child	B. childhood	C. childlike	D. all are incorrect
These companies are in _____ for the same contract.
	A. compete	B. competitive	C. competitors	D. competition
I've just been told some _____ news.
	A. astonishing	B. astonished	C. astonishment	D. astonish
Travelling by public transport is very_____ as there are long delays.
	A. attractive	B. unattractive	C. unattractively	D. attraction
My father's health was serious affected and he suffered from constant_____
	A. unsleepness	B. dissleepness	C. sleeplessness	D. sleepness
We must take steps to preserve natural resources otherwise the planet will be in danger.
	à Unless we_____
A. take steps to preserve natural resources otherwise the planet will be in danger.
B. take steps to preserve natural resources, the planet will be in danger.
C. don't take steps to preserve natural resources the planet will be in danger.
D. take steps to preserving natural resources otherwise the planet will be in danger.
They last visited me five years ago
	à They haven't______
	A. visit to me in five years	B. visited me for five years
	C. met me for five years	D. come with me in five years
I'm never going to visit them again.
	à That's ______
A. my going to visit them again	B. my last visit them
C. the last time I visited them	D. the last time I've visited them
This lecture bores me to tears
	à I am ______
A. very bored with the lecture	B. boring with the lecture to tears
C. crying for the lecture	D. bored to the lecture to tears.
The car was so rusty that it couldn't be repaired
	à The car was too______
A. rusty for us to repair	B. rusty to repair	
C. rusty to be repaired	D. rusty it couldn't be repaired
Part 2 (10ms) (2ms/ea)
Look at the sign in each question. Someone asks you what it means. Blacken the letter next to the correct explanation - A, B, C or D - on year answer sheet.
A. Do not leave your bike touching the window
B. Do not ride your bicycle in this area
C. Broken glass may damage your bicycle tyres
D. Your bike may not be safe here.
Example answer: 0. A
A. You can pack here if you are visiting the doctor.
B. Only the doctor working today can park here.
C. Park in this space only in an emergency
D. Tel the doctor if you need to park here.
A. Cameras cannot be used in this area	B. You must look after your cameras here.
C. You cannot buy film for cameras here	D. This area is guarded by cameras.
A. We offer a wide choice of flats to rent	B. We promise to find you a flat to rent
C. This is the best area to find a flat	D. Flats in this area do not cost a lot
A. Do not go out to Platforms 10 and 11 here.
B. Trains do not stop at Platforms 10 and 11.
C. Platforms 10 and 11 are ahead
D. Platforms 10 and 11 are closed
A. If anything is stolen, we will help you find it.
B. Be careful with your private property here.
C. You arte not allowed to leave anything here.
D. It is better to leave your property outside the building
Part 3: (10ms) (2ms/ea)
Read the article about a young woman, and then answer the questions. For these questions blacken A, B, or C on the answer sheet.
0.	Everest is a _____
	A. country	B. mountain	C. building	D. town
Example answer: 0. B
Rebecca Stevens was the first woman to climb Mount Everest. Before she went up the highest mountain in the world, she was a journalist and lived in a small flat in south London.
In 1993, Rebecca left her job and her family and traveled to Asia with some other climbers. She found that life on Everest is hard. "You must carry everything on your back", she explained, "so you can only take things that you will need. You can't wash on the mountain, and in the end I didn’t even take a toothbrush. I am usually a clean person but there is no water, only snow. Water is very heavy so you only take enough do drink"
When Rebecca reached the top of Mount Everest on May 17 1993, it was the best moment of her life. suddenly she became famous.
Now she has written a book about the trip and people often ask her to talk about it. she has a new job too, on a science programme on television.
Rebecca is well-known today and she has more money, but she still lives in the little flat in south London among her pictures and books about mountains!
Before Rebecca climbed Everest, she worked for
	A. a factory	B. a newspaper	C. a travel agent	D. a bookshop
Rebecca went to Everest.
	A. with her family	B. without anyone	
	C. with a climbing group 	D. with her close fiends.
Rebecca didn't take much luggage because she
	A. didn’t have many things	B. had a bad back
	C. didn’t like	D. had to carry it herself
Rebecca didn’t wash on Everest because
	A. it was too cold	B. there was not enough water
	C. she is a dirty person	D. she was not permitted
Rebecca became famous when she
	A. got to the highest place in the world	B. was on a television programme
	C. wrote a book about her trip	D. retied and lived in the little flat in London
Part 4: (8ms) (2ms/ea)
The people below all want to go on a short trip.
There are descriptions of FOUR trips which a ferry company is offering
Decide which place (letters A-D) would be the most suitable for each person or group of people (numbers 1-4)
For each of these numbers blacken the correct letter on your answer sheet.
Ray and three of his friends would like to spend a whole weekend driving around in.
	Nice scenery and enjoying some of the local food.
Phil and Adam want to go on a comfortable trip which takes them quickly to an interesting city. Then they want to enjoy at least two days of sightseeing.
Mike, Kathy and their three children don’t have much money, but they ant a special day out this Saturday. They must be back home by 9p.m
Kirsten is a Dutch student who is studying in Scotland. She doesn't drive, but wants a day trip to see some beautiful scenery and spend a little time by the sea.
A. Ireland by Car
Once you arrive in Ireland you're quickly on beautiful country roads, with friendly villages where you can stop for a delicious bite to eat. The special price allows you to take your car and up to five people away for 48 hours, and two nights' hotel accommodation can be arranged for a little extra.
B. French Hypermarket Day Trip
Whether you want to buy or just look, you'll love this tour. The enormous Darney shopping centre is a shopper's dream! You will find a great number of local goods on sale, and clothes and kitchen goods are excellent value. Free children's entertainment all day Leaves 10:00, back at 10:00.
C. Belgium by Hydrofoil
A four-day trip. From England you cross to Belgium in just 100 minutes by hydrofoil! You are served food and drinks during the crossing, the continue your journey to Brussels, or another beautiful city, on the fast Belgian railway network.
D. Sea and Mountains in Northern Ireland
Explore the Northern Ireland countryside, including the amazing Mountains of Moume and the small seaside holiday town of Newcastle. The ferry leaves the port in Scotland at 7:30 and arrives back at 22:20. Transport in Northern Ireland is by air conditioned coach.
Part 5: (20ms) (2ms/ea)
Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.
. For each question, blacken the letter next to the correct word - A, B, C or D - on your answer sheet.
Example answer: 0. A
Cartoon films
Cartoon films have very (0)_______ limits. If you can draw something, you can (1)_______ it move on the cinema screen. The use (2)_______: new ideas and advanced computer programs means that cartoons are becoming exciting again for people of (3)_______ ages.
By the (4)_______ of the 1970s, the cinema world had decided that cartoons were only for children.
But soon (5)_______, one or two directors had some original new ideas. They proved that it was possible to make films in which both adults and children could (6)_______ the fun.
However, not (7)_______ cartoon film was successful. The Black Cauldron, for example, failed, mainly because it was too (8)_______ for children and too childish for adults. Directors learnt from this (9)_______, and the film companies began to make large (10)_______ of money again.
A. few	B. any	C. little	D. much
A. get	B. cause	C. wish	D. make
A. for 	B. of	C. with	D. by
A. more	B. other	C. all	D. these
A. end	B. finish	C. departure	D. back
A. afterwards	B. later	C. next	D. then
A. divide	B. add	C. mix	D. share
A. every	B. both	C. any	D. each
A. nervous	B. fearful	C. afraid	D. frightening
A. damage	B. crime	C. mistake	D. fault
A. amounts	B. accounts	C. numbers	D. totals

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