Bài tập thực hành Unit 7 - Sách Mai Lan Hương Lớp 12

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Bài tập thực hành Unit 7 - Sách Mai Lan Hương Lớp 12
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.
a. economic 	b. experience 	c. entertainment d. introduction
a. achievement 	b. communist 	c. constantly 	 d. government
a. heavy 	b. major 	c. program 	d. reform
a. production 	b. consumer 	c. domestic 	d. business
a. hospital 	b. inflation 	c. policy 	d. constantly
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.
It is quite important _______ me to get on and think.
a. of 	b to 	c. on 	d. with
If you think you may be allergic to a food or drink, eliminate it _______ your diet.
a. for 	b. without 	c. from 	d. on
The new policies include cutting _______ subsidies and trade barriers.
a. agriculture 	b. agricultural 	c. agriculturalist d. agriculturally
The control of _______ has been carried out through measures rooted in monetarism.
a. inflate 	b. inflationist 	c. inflation 	d. inflator
It is often a good idea to start with small, easily _______ goals.
a. achieve 	b. achievement 	c. achievable 	d. achiever
Economic reforms began in the Soviet Union in June 1985 by the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to _______ the Soviet economy.
a. repair 	b. reproduce 	c. restructure 	d. reply
After more than a decade of Doi Moi or economic _______, the Vietnamese Communist government has achieved diplomatic and economic links with numerous foreign partners.
a. relation 	b. investment 	c. productivity 	d. renovation
For more than 20 years, the Vietnamese government has pursued the open-door _______ and continued to woo foreign investment.
a. policy 	b. way 	c. export 	d. guideline
After a decade of economic liberalization, Vietnam has seen a dramatic rise in living _______ in urban areas. 
a. surface 	b. standards 	c. levels 	d. backgrounds
_______ laws and regulations which impose restrictions on any rights should be revised to comply with international law.
a. Domestic 	b. Program 	c. Encouraged 	d. Expanding
These new economic reforms have allowed for international _______ and development in the country.
a. pay 	b. renovation 	c. investment 	d. opportunity
In 2001 _______ Vietnamese Communist Party approved a 10-year economic plan that enhanced the role of the, private sector while reaffirming the primacy of the state. 
a. a 	b. an	c. the 	d. Ø
It would also concomitantly attract foreign investment to Vietnam, not only from ____ U.S., but also from ____ Europe, Asia, and other regions.
a. Ø / the 	b. the / the 	c. Ø / an 	d. the / Ø
_______ some German and British management styles are similar, there are many differences between them.
a. In spite 	b. In spite of 	c. Despite the fact that 	d. Despite
I could not eat _______ I was very hungry.
a. even though 	b. in spite 	c. despite 	d. in spite the fact that
In spite _______, the baseball game was not cancelled.
a. the rain 	b. of the rain 	c. it was raining 	d. there was a rain
_______ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car.
a. In spite 	b. In spite of 	c. Despite 	d. Although
_______, he walked to the station.
a. Despite being tired 	b. Although to be tired
c. In spite being tired 	d. Despite tired
The children slept well, despite _______.
a. it was noise 	b. the noise 	c. of the noise 	d. noisy
She left him _______ she still loved him.
a. even if 	b. even though 	c. in spite of 	d. despite
_______ her lack of hard work, she was promoted. 
a. In spite 	b. Even though 	c. In spite of 	d. Despite of 
_______ they are brothers, they do not look like.
a. Although 	b. Even 	c. Despite 	d. In spite of
We are concerned with the problem of energy resources _______ we must also think of our environment.
a. despite 	b. though 	c. as though 	d. but
_______ some Japanese women are successful in business, the majority of Japanese companies are run by men.
a. But 	b. Even if 	c. If 	d. As though
The teams played on in spite of the rain.
a. even if 	b. if 	c. in case 	d. notwithstanding 
Error Identification
The term economic reform refers to policies directing by the 
 A B
government to achieve improvements in economic efficiency.
 C D
Economic reform usually refers to actions of the government to improve
 A B C
efficiency in economy markets.
Economic reform has dominated Australian economic policy from 
 A B
the early 1980s until the end of the 20th century.
 C D
The goal of Chinese economic reform was to generating sufficient 
 A B
surplus value to finance the modernization of the mainland Chinese economy.
 C D
Economic reforms started since 1986 in Vietnam have helped millions 
 A B
of people to be out of poverty and bringing the poverty rate down.
 C D
Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Vietnam is a densely-populated, developing country that in the last 30 years has had to recover from the ravages of war. Substantial progress was achieved from1986 to 1997 in moving forward from an extremely low level of development and significantly reducing poverty.
Since 2001, Vietnamese authorities have reaffirmed their commitment to economic liberalization and international integration. They have moved to implement the structural reforms needed to modernize the economy and to produce more competitive, export-driven industries. .
Vietnam's membership in the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and entry into force of the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement in December 2001.have led to even more rapid changes in Vietnam's trade and economic regime. Vietnam's exports to the US doubled in 2002 and again in 2003.
Vietnam joined the WTO (World Trade Organization) in January 2007, following over a decade long negotiation process. This should provide ail important boost to the economy and should help to ensure the continuation of liberalizing reforms.
Vietnam is working to create jobs to meet the challenge of a labor force that is growing by more than one million people every year. Vietnamese authorities have tightened monetary and fiscal policies to stem high inflation. Hanoi is targeting an economic growth rate of 7.5-8% during the next five years.
Vietnam's economy is _______.
a. decreasing 	b. facing crisis 	c. developing 	d. backward
According to the text, Vietnam _______.
a. used to be well-developed before 1986
b. Vietnam is still in extreme poverty 
c. could recover from the consequences of the war soon
d. has been modernizing the economy
Vietnam _______.
a. does not export anything to the US
b. exported to the US in 2003 twice as much goods as in 2002
c. did not export goods to the US in 2002
d. did not export goods to the US in 2003
The word This refers to _______.
a. Vietnam's joining the WTO 	b. the WTO
c. the negotiating process 	d. the Vietnamese economy
The word stem has a close meaning to _______.
a. succeed 	b. stop 	c. originate 	d. invrease
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
Vietnam is considered a third world country, its people live (41) _____ poverty by the millions. After the (42) _____, Vietnam's economy remained dominated by small-scale production, low labor productivity, (43) _____, material and technological shortfalls, and insufficient food and (44) _____ goods. The Doi Moi reforms that were instated in 1986 have shed new light and added new features to the Vietnamese economy. (45) ____ Vietnamese Communist Party plays a leading role in establishing the foundations and principles of communism, mapping strategies for economic development, setting growth targets, and (46) _____ reforms. Doi Moi combined government planning with free-market incentives and (47) _____ the establishment of private businesses and foreign investment, including foreign-owned enterprises. By the late 1990s, the success of the business and agricultural reforms ushered in under Doi Moi was evident. (48) _____ than 30,000 private businesses had been created, and the economy was growing at an annual (49) _____ of more than 7 percent. Farming systems research and the international development projects are a source of new hope for the people of Vietnam. If these recent projects are successful and Doi Moi continues on its current path the Vietnamese people may (50) _____ a new standard of living. More reforms like Doi Moi need to take place in order to create a more stable Vietnamese future. 
a. for 	b. in	c. on	d. of 
a. liberate 	b. liberation 	c. liberator 	d. liberal
a. application 	b. salary 	c. profession 	d. unemployment
a. consumer 	b. producer 	c. spender 	d. manufacturer
a. A 	b. An 	c. The 	d. Ø
a. launching 	b. flying 	c. sending 	d. raising
a. found 	b. promised 	c. required 	d. encouraged
a. Much 	b. More 	c. As 	d. As more
a. rate 	b. level 	c. standard 	d. step
a. come 	b. approach 	c. reach 	d. arrive
Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
a. economy 	b. industry 	c. qualify 	d. priority
a. right 	b. private 	c. communist 	d. minority
a. measure 	b. subsidies 	c. domestic 	d. hospital
a. though 	b. encourage 	c. enough 	d. country
a. improve 	b. introduce 	c. move 	d. lose
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one. 
Economic reforms are often carried _______ to promote the developing of a country.
a. out 	b. on 	c. for 	d. in
Being aware _____ the importance of economic reforms, the Vietnamese Communist Party initiated an overall economic reform policy.
a. for 	b. at 	c. of 	d. in
For more than ten years, we have seen the significant _______ in the economy of our country.
a. develop 	b. developments 	c. developers 	d. developed
Henry was a studious student. He needed no _______ to work hard.
a. encourage 	b. encouraging 	c. encouragement 	 d. encouraged
During the time of economic reforms, the economy has grown _______ with only a few major setbacks.
a. constant 	b. constantly 	c. constants 	d. constancy
The _______ effect of the new policy is that the farmer is now working for himself, and not for the state sake.
a. legal 	b. common 	c. all 	d. overall
Considering peasants make up nearly 80% of Vietnam's population.
a. specialists 	b. economists 	c. professors 	d. farmers
The Doi Moi reforms have _______ new possibilities in farming systems research in Vietnam. 
a. risen 	b. opened 	c. renovated 	d. called
The introduction of appropriate farming practices to Vietnam farmers can help them achieve a higher output.
a. productivity 	b. renovation 	c. guideline 	 d. achievement
This development project could be of great help to the _______ Vietnamese population.
a. major 	b. living 	c. rural 	d. domestic
In the South, _______ development concentrated on rice cultivation, and nationally, rice and rubber were the main items of export.
a. industrial 	b. agricultural 	c. mining	 	d. textile
WTO accession also brings serious challenges, requiring Vietnam's economic sectors to open ______ door to increased foreign competition.
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
The plan's highest priority was to develop _______ agriculture.
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
Our new neighbors are quite nice _______ they are sometimes talkative.
a. despite	b. in spite of the fact 	c. though 	d. as though
_______ of the difficulty, they managed to climb to the top of the mountain.
a. In spite 	b. Despite 	c. But 	d. Although
In spite of his hard work, he could not finish the job.
a. As hard as he work 	b. Despite he worked hard
c. Though he worked hard 	d. Although hard work
He went to work despite his headache.
a. nevertheless 	b. due to 	c. notwithstanding	d. because of
Despite _______, we knew that he was guilty.
a. denied 	b. denying 	c. he denied 	d. his denial
Despite the fact that _______, we enjoyed our trip.
a. the weather is bad 	b. it is a bad weather
c. the bad weather 	d. the weather was bad
Julie failed the exam _______ of working very hard.
a. despite 	b. in spite 	c. even if 	d. though
Tom went to work despite _______.
a. that he did not feel very well 	b. of the fact not feeling well
c. he did not feel very well 	d. not feeling very well
Though _______, they are good friends. 
a. their sometimes quarrel 	b. to have a quarrel sometimes
c. they sometimes have a quarrel 	d. of having a quarrel sometimes
Despite _______, we arrived on time.
a. the traffic 	b. of the traffic
c. there was heavy traffic 	d. of there was heavy traffic
John rarely sees Paul _______ they live in the same town.
a. notwithstanding 	b. despite 	c. in spite of 	d. although
It was very cold _______ she did not put on her coat.
a. in case 	b. but 	c. even if 	 d. even though
Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.
Mary tried to keep calm although she was very disappointed.
a. Mary was too disappointed to keep calm.
b. Disappointed as she was, Mary tried to keep calm.
c. Mary lost her temper because of her disappointment.
d. Feeling disappointed, Mary tried to keep calm, but she failed.
Even though it was raining heavily, the explorers decided to continue their journey.
a. It rained so heavily that the explorers could not continue their journey.
b. The explorers put off their journey due to the heavy rain.
c. The heavy rain could not prevent the explorers from continuing their journey.
d. If it had rained heavily, the explorers would not have continued their journey.
Despite his ability to do the job, he was not offered the position.
a. It was his ability that helped him do the job and get the position.
b. Although he was able to do the job, but he was not offered the position.
c. He was not offered the position, regardless of his ability to do the job.
d. If he had enough ability to do the job, he would be offered the position.
He had worked very hard but he failed.
a. Hard as he worked, he failed.
b. Thanks to his hard work, he failed.
c. He did not succeeded because of his being hard working.
d. Even though being hard working, he failed.
I did not answer the door even though I knew it was my friend.
a. unless I knew it was my friend, I would not answer the door.
b. I knew it was my friend, but I did not answer the door.
c. Only when I answered the door did I knew it was my friend.
d. I answered the door since I knew it was my friend.
Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Between 1945 and 1973, the economies of the industrialized nations of Western Europe, Japan, and the U.S. grew fast enough to vastly improve living standards for their residents. A similarly favorable growth was registered by some, but far from all, of the developing or industrializing nations, in particular such thriving Southeast Asian economies as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. After the devastation of World War II, a substantial rebuilding boom, combined with lavish flows of aid from the U.S., generated rapid growth in Western Europe and Japan. American multinational corporations invested heavily in the rest of the world. Perhaps the most important of all, energy was plentiful and cheap. 
Poor nations need aid from the rich nations in the form of capital and of technological and organizational expertise. They also need easy access to the markets of the industrialized nations for their manufactures and raw materials. However, the political capacity of rich nations to respond to these needs depends greatly on their own success in coping with inflation and unemployment. In democratic communities, it is exceedingly difficult to generate public support for assistance to foreign countries when average wage earners are themselves under serious financial pressure. It is no. easier politically to permit cheap foreign merchandise and materials to freely enter American and European markets when they are viewed as the cause of unemployment among domestic workers. 
Japan carried out industrialization before World War II.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
After World War II, the US invested a lot in many countries.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Vietnam got a lot of investment from the US from 1945 to 1973.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Joining the markets of the industrialized nations is the need of many poor countries.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
In many democratic communities, average wage earners are never under serious financial, pressure.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
Vietnam's economy expanded this year (2007) at the fastest pace since 1996, led by manufacturing and services, after the country (41) _____ the World Trade Organization.
Gross domestic product (GDP) increased 8.5 percent. Foreign direct (42) ____ jumped to more than $20 billion this year, from $12 billion in 2006. The government is quite (43) _____ to its economic reforms. Industry and construction account (44) _____ almost 42 percent of Vietnam's GDP. Manufacturing grew 12.8 percent, construction increased 12 percent, and the hotel and restaurant (45) _____ expanded 12.7 percent, according to today's release.
Going forward, Vietnam has a lot of (46) _____ for tourism, which expects Vietnam's economy to expand 8.5 percent in 2008. Vietnam's January (47) _____ to the World Trade Organization released it (48) _____, U.S. quotas on textile exports and detailed market access to be given to overseas companies, helping economic (49) _____. The government is targeting economic expansion of about 9 percent next year. Vietnam is an economy with much development potential and (50) _____ attractive destination for international investors.
a. struggled 	b. organized	 	c. held 	d. joined
a. invest 	b. investable 	c. investment 	d. investor
a. committed 	b. excited 	c. called 	 d. encouraged
a. over 	b. for 	c. at 	d. in
a. role 	b. region 	c. sector 	d. section
a. potential 	b. private 	c. stagnancy 	d. exports
a. walk 	b. path 	c. way 	d. accession
a. in 	b. at 	c. for 	d. from
a. grow 	b. growth 	c. grew 	d. grown
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.
a. develop 	b. overall 	c. commitment 	d. investment
a. adopt 	b. export 	c. guideline	 	d. money
a. administrative 	b. intervention 	c. productivity 	d. opportunity
a. ethnic 	b. enjoy 	c. legal 	d. measure
a. economy 	b. experience 	c. relationship 	d. renovation
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.
There was a shortage _______ food and safe water after the flood.
a. on 	b. with 	c. for 	d. of
The new measures are aimed _____ increasing the productivity of crops.
a. at 	b. over 	c. upon 	d. beyond
The _______ challenge of economic, reform was to solve the problems of motivating workers and farmers to produce a larger surplus.
a. initial 	b. initiate 	c. initiative 	d. initiation
Since 1990, India has had high growth rates, and has emerged as one of the wealthiest _______ in the developing world. 
a. economics 	b. economies 	c. economists d. economically
Those specialists are trying to find ways of making more _______ use of agricultural land. 
a. produce 	b. production 	c. productive 	 d. productivity
Industry in the area consisted mostly of food-processing plants and factories _______ consumer goods.
a. renovating 	b. initiating 	c. developing 	d. producing
The government gave top _______ to reforming the legal system.
a. priority 	b. primary 	c. preference 	d. major
A _______ is money that is paid by a government or other authority in order to help an industry or business, or to pay for a public service. 
a. capital 	b. subsidy 	c. investment 	d. salary
They still remain the need for an integrated system of subsidies which will _______ farmers to look after their upland environment and producing food.
a. enable 	b. adopt 	c. consume 	

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