Bài tập Tiếng Anh 4 - Unit 10: Where were you yesterday - Test 1

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh 4 - Unit 10: Where were you yesterday - Test 1
(Test 1)
Ex 1: Loại từ khác nhóm:
a. morning 	b. evening 	c. dancing 	d. afternoon
a. tomorrow 	b. night 	c. yesterday 	d. today
a. see 	b. meet 	c. watch 	d. again
a. hello 	b. goodbye 	c. good morning 	d. good afternoon
a. Japanese 	b. Australia 	c. America 	d. England
a. Austalian 	b. Malaysian 	c. Vietnamese 	d. America
a. Wednesday 	b. Yesterday 	c. Saturday 	d. Tuesday
a. on 	b. sit 	c. in 	d. to
a. what 	b. want 	c. where 	d. how
a. February 	b. Library 	c. March 	d. July
a. May 	b. April 	c. Ninth 	d. June
a. twenty 	b. twenty-third 	c. twenty-three 	d. twenty-nine
a. ride 	b. bike 	c. swim 	d. swing
a. dictation	b. write 	c. comic book 	d. text
a. tennis 	b. football 	c. guitar 	d. volleyball
a. classroom 	b. teacher 	c. gym 	d. computer room
a. adress 	b. village 	c. district 	d. city
a. road 	b. street 	c. study 	d. village
a. photograph 	b. mask 	c. puppet 	d. take
a. maths 	b. science 	c. month 	d. informatic technology
a. paint 	b. read 	c. video 	d. listen
a. water 	b. school 	c. zoo 	d. class
a. exercise 	b. music 	c. dictation 	d. draw
a. wash 	b. water 	c. week 	d. want
a. Birthday 	b. Monday 	c. Thursday 	d. Sunday
Ex 2: Hoàn thành bảng động từ sau:
Nấu nướng
Ex 3: Hãy viết 10 câu về những điều đã xảy ra trong quá khứ:
Ex 4: Sắp xếp các từ sau thành câu đúng:
nice/ she/ a/ picture/ drawed/ yesterday/.
morning/ he/ piano/ yesterday/ the/ played/.
this/ TV/ watched/ and/ brother/ Lan/ her/.
video/ evening/ a/ watched/ yesterday/ Linda/.
afternoon/ you/ do/ did/ this/ what/?
chess/ did/ they/ play/?
were/morning/ where/ you/ yesterday/?
I / morning/ the/ this/ flowers/ and/ father/ my/ watered/ .
yesterday/ Tom/ Phong/ played/ and/ afternoon/ volleyball/.
picture/ she/ painted/ a/ afternoon/ this/.
Ex 5: Read and match:
Where were you yesterday morning?
She was at home with her family.
Did you watch TV last night?
I’m from Tokyo, Japan.
What’s she doing?
She is cooking in the kitchen.
Does she have any pets?
Yes, I did.
Where was she last weekend?
It was the twenty-seventh of November. 
What was the date yesterday?
He’s painting a mask.
What is your mother doing?
Yes, she does.
Where are you from?
I was in the school library.
Ex 6: Chọn đáp án đúng:
My mother can (cook/ cooks/ cooking/ cooked) very well.
At the brown table the girls (are making/ makes/ making/ is making) a paper boat.
We don’t (go/ goes/ going/ went) to school at the weekend.
Where (was/ is/ were/ are) you yesterday?
They are (dance and singing/ dancing and singing/ dance and sing/ danced and sing) in the classroom.
I was (at/ to/ in/ on) home with my grandparents yesterday.
She likes (listens/ listening/ listened/ listen) to music.
My favourite subjects (are/ is/ do/ does) IT and Science.
The teacher is reading a (music/ video/ dictation/ paint).
I’m (on/ in/ behind/ to) the beach with my friends.

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