Bài tập Sách Mai Lan Hương Lớp 12 - Test yourself C

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Bài tập Sách Mai Lan Hương Lớp 12 - Test yourself C
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.
a. information 	b. necessary 	c. scientific 	d. automatic
a. diagnostic 	b. preparation 	c. technology 	 d. transportation
a. never 	b. follow 	c. pilot 	d. reply
a. fiction 	b. office 	c. machine 	d. expert
a. camera 	b. computer 	c. vegetable 	d. everything
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.
People used to know more or less how their children would live.
a. almost 	b. generally 	c. lately 	d. definitely
Our children should be educated and trained well enough to perform the _______ jobs of contemporary society.
a. safe 	b. diagnostic 	c. fiction 	d. high-tech
Two thousand people are _______ as having cancer of the mouth every year; and 60 per cent of them will die within five years.
a. regarded 	b. diagnosed 	c. checked 	d. killed
John has sent five letters to his friend but he has not received any reply.
a. information 	b. postscript 	c. letter 	d. answer
Peter is so _____ that he never thinks of anything bad and unsuccessful.
a. optimistic 	b. disappointed 	c. pessimistic 	d. keen
In case of _______, you can call me at the office.
a. fiction 	b. automation 	c. urgency 	d. importance
I sometimes read _______ fictions in my spare time.
a. science 	b. scientific 	c. scientist 	 d. scientifically
_______ surely leads to the loss of many factory jobs.
a. Automatic 	b. Automation 	c. Automate 	 d. Automatically
We needed some more money for the _______ work and Peter promised to help us.
a. prepare 	b. preparation 	c. preparatory 	d. prepared
I cannot really imagine what _______ world will be like.
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
_______ United States is _______ world's biggest consumer of energy.
a. The / the 	b. Ø / a 	c. An / the 	d. The / Ø
Miss Linda speaks _______ Chinese very well although she is from _______ UK.
a. the / Ø 	b. a / Ø 	c. the / an 	d. Ø / the
We sometimes have _______ pizza for _______ lunch.
a. the / a 	b. Ø / Ø 	c. a / the 	d. the / the
Which is _______ highest mountain in the world?
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
She had not studied well, ______ fortunately she passed the final exam.
a. although 	b. but 	c. despite 	d. in spite of
_______ we have worked overtime for weeks, we have not completed the project.
a. In spite of 	b. Even though the fact that
c. Despite 	d. Despite the fact that
Although she has live in London for three years, _______.
a. but she cannot speak English 	b. she cannot speak English
c. but cannot speak English 	d. and cannot speak English
In spite _______ his did not get the highest grade in the final exam.
a. of his intelligence 	b. he was intelligent
c. his intelligence 	d. of he was intelligent
We had the school picnic _______.
a. even though the rain 	b. despite of the rain
c. although it raining 	d. in spite of the rain
She looked _______ to see who was going _______ her.
a. round / after 	b. up / off 	c. at / to 	d. for / with
She is a friendly girl who gets _______ everyone she meets.
a. out of 	b. on with 	c. away from 	d. into
I had my sister take care _____ my children while I was _____ business.
a. with / for 	b. in / away 	c. for / in 	d. of / on
He took a lot of interest _______ our work and he promised to help us _______ any troubles.
a. in / with 	b. for / on 	c. about / at 	d. for / from
Are you very familiar _______ that new device? 
a. upon 	b. over 	c. with 	d. for
According _______ the US Census Bureau the world's population will reach 7.6 billion people by 2020.
a. to 	b. in 	c. for 	d. through
Error Identification.
In 2030, how we will provide for the food, land, and energy needs of a 
 A B C
global population of over 8 billion?
Many people are afraid that in the future there will be no space leaving 
 A B C
for human beings and they express the idea of robots replacing human beings.
Human beings enjoy their life with more and more progress of science 
and technological, but it is also very necessary to think more about the 
 B C
problems that modern machines and devices may cause.
Cars of the future will be using advanced technology to perform such 
 A B C
functions as automatic cruise control, hazardous object avoidance, self-
parking but driverless transportation. 
In the future smart cars will also be intelligent enough to avoid 
 A B
pedestrians bicycle riders and others whom are not driving automobiles.
 C D
Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Consider activities that most take for granted, particularly those who live in industrialized nations: drinking a glass of water; driving a car or traveling by mass transportation; living in a decent house or apartment; using modern household appliances; using tools to build, fix and repair; even breathing fresh air. These activities improve our quality of life. Have you considered that to do all of the above requires the availability of natural resources, whether used as raw materials or in finished products?
The United Nations predicts that the global population will increase from the present 6.65 billion to 7.95 billion by the year 2025. At the same time, the world is becoming more prosperous. The average person is consuming more food, water, energy and metals. Multiple millions in nations that were once poor are now moving into the middle class. They are driving cars, acquiring household appliances, using electronic gadgets and adopting high-protein diets, similar to Western industrialized nations. The subject of natural resources has been in the news for years. The media has long reported that the world's supply of oil, minerals, fresh water, and lumber are in danger of running out. Yet very few people take this seriously.
Within the next 50 years, the world's population is projected to rise by 40%. This growth, coupled with increasing industrialization and urbanization, will result in greater demand for water. Water will become much scarcer. The United Nations figures suggest that there are around 300 potential conflicts over water all over the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about one-sixth of the world's population lacks access to clean water, while 40% are without access to proper sanitation services.
Which future problems are referred in the text?
a. industrialization and transportation 	b. natural resources and water
c. household appliances and food 	d. cars and tools
The first paragraph means that _______.
a. all things that make our lives convenient and comfortable need natural resources
b. people who live in industrialized countries travel everywhere by car
c. people can enjoy more and more fresh air in the future
d. we need more finished products than raw materials
According to the second paragraph, _______.
a. population will decrease 	b. many people will become poorer
c. people use more food and energy 	d. there will be no poor people
Natural resources _______.
a. will never be used up
b. have not ever been mentioned by the media
c. have been the subject of the media for many years
d. are being renovated .
According to the text, _______.
a. industrialization and urbanization have greater demand for water
b. clean water is always available for everybody all the -time
c. we will find more and more sources of safe water
d. everybody on earth :will be supplied enough safe water in the future
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
Robots already have a (41) _____ role in medicine. Robots are helping doctors achieve more (42) _____ in the operating room, performing safer, less invasive techniques. For example, The Da Vinci Surgical System by Intuitive Surgical helps simplify complex procedures, and lets surgeons work through much smaller incisions, thus making patient (43) _____ easier and quicker.
Advances in bio-robotics are leading to even more and more applications in surgery (44) _____ robots have the potential to perform better than human surgeons in certain respects.
The pace of technological change is rapid, and it is easily possible to foresee a time (45) _____ robots will become our teachers, policemen and even soldiers.
Robots will be better soldiers than humans. They can strictly (46) _____ the rules of engagement, codes of conduct, and war protocols (47) ___ better than more passionate humans, resulting (48) ____ a reduction of war crimes.
Most robots in the future will do jobs which are the sorts of things that people used to do. They will take away a lot of the mundane physical jobs certainly.
Some (49) _____ predict that it is not just manual jobs that will be replaced. The more advanced the technology becomes, the more it forces us to (50) _____ on those things that are fundamentally human.
a. pessimistic 	b. disappointed 	c. significant 	d. minor
a. difficulty 	b. mistake 	c. precision	 	d. decision
a. recovery 	b. discovery 	c. illness 	d. diseases
a. although 	b. because 	c. if 	d. however
a. when 	b. which 	c. that 	d. where
a. chase 	b. pursue 	c. admit 	d. follow
a. more 	b. many 	c. as 	d. much
a. for 	b. in 	c. with 	d. about 
a. managers 	b. agriculturalists	c. experts 	d. runners
a. look 	b. spend 	c. focus 	d. achieve
Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
a. machine 	b. change 	c. children 	d. lunch
a. reply 	b. safely 	c. quickly 	d. yearly
a. follow 	b. show 	c. allow 	d. slow
a. noisy 	b. Brazil 	c. lazy	d. pizza
a. grown 	b. own 	c. known 	d. down 
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the. original one.
He analyzed our country's economic problems profoundly. He must be a/an _______.
a. fiction writer 	b. expert 	c. messenger 	d. scientist
We can take our photographs with a _______.
a. labor-saving device 	b. computer 	c. camera 	d. screen
Economic _______ are very necessary in a certain time to help develop a country.
a. reforms 	b. transformations 	c. changes 	d. conversion
_______ refers to books and stories about imaginary people and events, rather than books about real people or events. 
a. Science 	b. Fiction 	c. Reference 	d. Dictionary
He ___ of being a famous journalist, but he is not really keen on learning.
a. daydreams 	b. prepares 	c. chooses 	d. needs
I did not have enough lexical knowledge to _______ that article from Vietnamese into English.
a. translate 	b. convert 	c. transmit 	d. reform
He fixed his eyes to the computer _______ without paying attention to what happened around.
a. slide 	b. curtain 	c. layer 	d. screen
Those books are necessary for your thesis. They are really _______.
a. inform 	b. information 	c. informer 	d. informative
The Japanese are _______ at lowering manufacturing costs.
a. expert 	b. expertise 	c. expertly 	d. expertises 
After a nature disaster, there is always an ____ need for food and water.
a. urgent 	b. urge 	c. urgently 	d. urgency 
I am still not accustomed _______ the weather in London. Except _______ weather, I like everything there.
a. up / over 	b. on / with 	c. to / for 	d. with / from
I'll be ready to leave _______ about twenty minutes. Please come and pick me to the station.
a. away / toward 	b. in / up 	c. for / on 	d. at / out
Computers have had a great effect _____ our lives since its appearance.
a. on 	b. at 	c. for 	d. to
Don't keep shouting _______ me. I hate it.
a. in 	b. for 	c. with 	d. at
What's the matter _______ you? You look pale and tired?
a. on	 	b. with 	c. for 	d. upon
We are tired _______ doing the same work day after day.
a. of 	b. up 	c. for 	d. over
_______ the plane took off late, we still reached our destination on time.
a. Though 	b. In spite 	c. Despite 	d. As though 
He had a terrible cold _______ he insisted on going swimming.
a. despite 	b. although 	c. in spite of 	d. but
_______ I became a millionaire, I would carryon working.
a. Even though 	b. Despite of 	c. In spite 	 d. Although that
_______, he managed to complete the race.
a. In spite he was severely hurt 	b. Despite he was severely hurt
c. Even though being severely hurt 	d. Despite being severely hurt
In spite _______, we understood most of what he was saying.
a. of he was lisping 	b. his lisp 	c. of his lisp 	 d. he was lisping
Mary is ____ independent woman with ____ wise and ____ enthusiasm.
a. an / Ø / Ø 	b. a / the / the 	c. the / a / an 	d. Ø / a / the
One of _______ students said, "_______ professor is late today."
a. the / A 	b. the / The 	c. Ø / A 	d. a / Ø
Peter, likes to play ______ volleyball, but he is not _______ good player.
a. the / 	b. Ø / a 	c. the / the 	d. a / the
My daughter is learning to play _______ violin at _______ school.
a. the / a 	b. a/ the 	c. the / Ø 	d. Ø / the
Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.
Optimists believe that life will be far better than it is today.
a. Optimists cannot tell any differences between today life and future life.
b. It is believed by optimists that there will be no changes for life in the future.
c. Optimists believe that today's life is not as good as it will be.
d. Optimists believe that we will have a worse life in the future.
In spite of his poverty, he led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause.
a. He could not devote his life to the revolutionary cause because of his poverty.
b. If he had not been so poor, he could have devoted his life to the revolutionary cause.
c. Poor as he was, he leg a devoted life to the revolutionary cause.
d. He led a devoted life to the revolutionary cause, but he was so poor.
They did not let me in because I was not a member of the club.
a. They invited me although I was not a member of the club.
b. They did not allow me to enter because I was not a member of the club.
c. They invited me to the clubs as if I had been a member.
d. They asked me to get out of the club because I was not a member.
Can you account for your strange behavior? 
a. Does your strange behavior make anybody surprised?
b. Can you please stop behaving strangely?
c. Can you give a good explanation for your strange behavior?'
d. Is your strange behavior only for me?
Most bosses cannot put up with irresponsibility.
a. Irresponsibility is what most bosses are trying to find.
b. Most bosses cannot tolerate irresponsibility.
c. Irresponsibility is a must to please most bosses.
d. Without responsibility, most bosses will not offer you a job.
Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Computer and telecommunications are already giving us access to large amounts of information. They are increasing our brain power. As computers become more powerful they will grow more intelligent. There seems no reason why machines should not become more intelligent than people in the future. Computers will start to design and build other computers. They will then be able to evolve. There will then be two forms of "life". Many thousands of years in the future there might be competition for power between computers and life. Which will win? 
Well, computers certainly have many advantages over life. They can
process large amounts of information quickly
be switched off for years, then start to work perfectly when they are switched back on
be made very small, and control tiny machines
work together in networks to solve big problems
Electronics is much simpler than life's chemistry and does not need liquid water.
Unlike animals, which rely on plants to turn sunlight into chemical energy, semiconductors (the material that" computers are made from) can turn sunlight directly into electricity.
When you compare computers to people the advantages are even more obvious
Computers do not have the instincts to fight which people seem to have.
It takes only a few seconds to load a program into a computer but years to educate a human.
When computers get out of date their information can be passed to new computers, but when people get old and die all their knowledge is lost.
For all these reasons computers are believed to be more successful and important than life many thousands of years in the future. It will be computers, not people, to colonize the other planets and explore the Galaxy. Life will be left behind on Earth, as a treasured relic of where computers came from. However it is possible that computers and life might merge to make anew, even more powerful form of intelligent being. 
In the future, mankind and computers will have a serious war for survival.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
A computer can design and build other ones.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Computers will have instincts to fight as human beings do.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
If a computer has not been used for a long time, all data will lose.
a. True	 	b. False 	c. No information
Computers will explore the universe.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase
If you think that life in. 2030 sounds unrealistic, consider this: how many people in 1985 thought that computers and mobile phones could (41) _____ such a central role in our lives today or that children would be gaming on the Internet. No one can accurately (42) _____ the future. One thing is certain: the rapid change that we have seen since the 1980s will not slow down. It will speed (43) _____ so much that, in some ways, our lives in 2030 will be unrecognizable today.
It is predicted that one billion people will be 65 (44) _____ older by 2030. Japanese scientists are already developing robots to (45) _____ after the elderly and robots will be a permanent (46) _____ of everyday life all across Europe. People in 2030 will routinely reach the (47) _____ of 130. The weather in 2030 is likely to be extreme, but the solution to the energy crisis will be to harness natural clean energy sources, such (48) _____ solar, hydro, wind and geothermal. The internet will have developed into a "super combined web" which is always on and always (49) ____. It is also explained that some aspects of daily life in 2030 will seem very (50) _____ to today. We will still live in houses and apartments, although they will be much more energy efficient. Children will still go to school, but will be aided by virtual learning.
a. enjoy 	b. play 	c. take 	d. do
a. diagnose 	b. prefer 	c. tell 	d. predict
a. up 	b. on 	c. over 	d. above
a. and 	b. but 	c. or 	d. nor
a. look 	b. take 	c. follow 	d. run
a. human 	b. feature 	c. personality 	d. character
a. old 	b. elder 	c. aging 	d. age
a. as to 	b. as many as 	c. more 	d. as
a. contacted 	b. stuck 	c. connected 	d. attached
a. familiar 	b. similar 	c. different 	d. fond

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