Exercises for tenses in Grade 7

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Exercises for tenses in Grade 7
The Earth (move)..around the Sun.
Yesterday, my father (read)books and my mother (cook).for dinner.
There.12 tenses in English.
Tomorrow, I (visit)..my grandfather with my family.
Why Nam (be)..absent from his class last Monday?
Nam (eat).a lot of candy last night, so he (be)..sick now.
What you (do).tonight? I ( go)out with my friends.
While she (listen)to music, I (play).computer games last night.
Her sister (teach).Maths 3 years ago.
There are 4 people (play).games in the room.
Which subject you (like)best? I ( like)Physics.
Lan (enjoy)listening to music now.
It (rain).heavily yesterday.
Why Lan (go)..out last night?
She (make).cakes at 9 yesterday.
Look! Mice (run).
Yesterday I ( see)..Nam when he (have).dinner.
You (be)..free tomorrow? Yes, I will.
He (like).playing marbles with his friend at the moment.
Keep silent! She ( sleep)
I (buy)this house 3 years ago, but it (be)..still new.
We (watch)cartoons at this time last night.
They ( buy).a lot of pencils next Monday.
I (buy).a new phone, so I (save)..money now.
Look at those black clouds, it (rain)
Where you (live)..last year? I (live)in Cantho city.
Now I (have)..dinner with her family.
At 2 yesterday, we (sleep).in our bedroom.
Her mother (cook)..right now.
He (go).to the church everyday but today he (go)..to the pagoda.
Water (boil)at 1000c.
What you (visit).last Tuesday?
How many languages you (speak)?
While Nam (play)games, his dad (read)..book at present.
The swimming pool (open)at 9 and (close)at 18:00 everyday.
What they (doing)at 8 yesterday?
There (be).an accident car yesterday?
They (eat)right now.
He (work)..today?
Please don’t make so much noise! I (study)
She (not, work)this week because she is on vacation.
The kettle (boil)..at the moment. Can I (turn)..off it.
Listen to those people! What language they (speak).?
What time the film often (begin)?
He ( ran)..out with his friend last night?
He (not, study)..lessons last night.
The football match (start)..at 8 tomorrow.
I (call).him yesterday but he 9 (go)..out.
Yesterday he (get)..up at 7:30.
Peter rarely ( walk)..to work.
I was hungry, so I (buy)something to eat in the shop.
Tom’s father (teach)him how to drive a car when he was 15 years old.
This time last year I (live).in Brazil with my family.
She (sleep)when I (call)last night.
It (rain).heavily when I (get)..up yesterday.
The phone (ring).when I (take)a shower last night.
I (eat)a lot of sweets when I was young.
What time they (arrive).3 days ago?
You (see)this morning? No, I .
Kate (live)..in London from 2001 to 2012.
He (smoke)..20 cigarettes last night.
I (repair)..it tomorrow.
Can you (speak)English?
Nam likes (read)..English books.
We (stop)..working last month.
I ( write)a letter at present.
While Nam(study), her mother (clean)..the floor last night.
She (cook)from 6 to 8 yesterday.
They (visit)me last week.
We ( sing)..karaoke with our friends right now.
Last year, he (be).a taxi driver.
Last night, he (miss)the bus, so he (be)..late.
She likes (live)in the country.
Let’s (wait)..until the rain stops.
Look at the little girl! She (hold).your doll.
Police (find).the lost boy right now.
I (tidy).the house this weekend.
I (read).a newspaper while my sister (learn) .her lesson yesterday.
I (buy)..comic books when I was a boy.
She (meet)her close friend in 2013.
The sky is dark. It (rain)
He (come)..back next week.
Would you like (drink)..some iced tea?
Stop reading, Tom! It (get).dark.
He (be).a doctor right now.
How about (going)..swimming? That’s a good idea.
The sun (be)..the biggest planet in the solar system.
Lan often ( do).the shopping, but I (do)it today.
It’s a lovely day today ! The sun (shine).and the birds (sing)
He loves (play)..cards with you.
How you (go)..to school yesterday?
There are 4 mice (stand)over there.
She (be)..14 next day.
I (invite)some friends for my birthday party tomorrow.
He (look)for an apartment for his family right now.
I (find)a place for us in Can Tho yesterday.
After school, Lan often (catch)the bus.
I feel terrible. I think I (be).sick.
Can I (speak)..to Hoa? Sure.
He must (do)this exercise again.
Ann (send)..this letter last night.
How many pencils Lan (buy).yesterday?
Last night, my parents (watch)..TV while I (play).the piano.
Tom always (do)the homework carefully.
His son can (wash)himself.
Lan sometimes (help)her mom with the cooking.
Your father (drink).coffee last morning?
I (do)..the exercise at 7 last night.
Why the sun (rise)..in the east?
Lan (ride).a bike last Monday.
She (have)breakfast when I (come)3 hours ago.
There are a lot of people (stay).here.
Last night she (use)her laptop to send an email for her friend.
What this boy (do)..right now? He (play).marbles with his friends.
I enjoy (play)catch with my friends in the afternoon.
In the afternoon, Ba and his friends often (watch).videos.
When I (came).., he (read)..a book last night.
What they (play).at 8 last morning?
Shall I (turn)on the computer?
What should I (do)..this evening? You should (go) ..shopping with me.
Would you like ( listen).to music? Yes, I’d love to.
Today they (walk)..to school.
Lan’s friends (play)..soccer in the yard right now.
There are some people (play).soccer in the yard.
How about (eat)..noodles?
Can you (help).me to (do)..this work?
Shall we (visit)our grandma this week?
Where you (buy)..this dress, yesterday? I (buy) it at the shop on 30/4 street.
It often (rain).in the summer. It (rain).right now.
While their children (sleep).., they (tidy)the house last night.
You (like)studying English Peter? Yes, I do.
When I ( have).free time, I usually read English books to (help)improve myself.
Let me (say)..you. I (love)listening to radio right now.
There (be).some friends (sleep)..in my room last night.
Tomorrow we (take)the day off.
At 3 last Saturday, we (swim)..at the swimming pool.
What she (want)..right now? 
Shall I (help)you to do the homework?
How about (see)a film tonight? That’s a good idea.
When he (brush)his teeth, someone (call)..him 4 hours ago.
He (write).a letter when the telephone (ring)..yesterday. 
What you (doing)..when I ( call).last night?
Be careful ! The ball (fall).down.
Nga (not, read).books with her friends at the moment.
We (not, visit)Can Tho city the day before yesterday because it (rain)..heavily.
There (be)12 tenses in English and I (love)the simple present one.
Last Monday, we (walk).in the park when it (rain)
Do you mind (help)to do this exercise?
There (be).an interesting football match tomorrow.
He ( go)home early last night.
Yesterday Peter (come).home, (take).a bath, (go)..to bed but (not, brush).his teeth.
We (have).dinner at 8 o’clock last night.
While Diana (watch)her favorite television program, there (be).a power cut last night.
My sister (start).learning to play the violin a moth ago.
Last night, I (walk).along the street when I (see)a robbery.
The moon (be).smaller than the sun.
Why don’t you (try)..getting up early?
Would you mind (stay).with me tonight?
My little daughter is interested in (make).toys herself.
Ba always (want).to be a famous doctor.
When I ( walk)into the kitchen after dinner, my wife (wash) ..the dishes last night.
The Sun (rise)..in the East and (set)..in the West.
I never (be).late for school.
I (meet).him at the bank yesterday.
My father never (drink).wine.
She (not, be).at home at present.
We like (play).the piano and (sing)karaoke.
He (stay).up late last night, so he (be)tired now.
Let her (introduce)herself !
When she (teach)..English last night, there (be)someone (call).her name.
I (stand)here with her last Monday.
They (build)this house when I was 10 years old.
What he (do)everyday? He (get)..up, (have)..breakfast, (dress).his clothes and (walk)..to school.
Where they (stay)at this time last night? They (stay).at my house.
What should we (do)this morning? You should (visit)..her.
Would you like (come)to my house for lunch?

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