Đề thi học sinh giỏi cấp trường môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 (Có đáp án)

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Đề thi học sinh giỏi cấp trường môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 (Có đáp án)
Đề thi gồm 04 trang. Thớ sinh làm bài trực tiếp vào đề thi này, khụng được sử dụng tài liệu, kể cả từ điển.
Điểm bài thi
Giỏm thị: 
Bằng chữ: 
Giỏm khảo 1:
Bằng số: ..
Giỏm khảo 2:
For question 1-8. Choose the word that has the different underlined part.
1. 	A. chorus	B. chemical	C. character	D. challenge
2. 	A. regret	B. resources	C. resident	D. religion
3. 	A. device	B. migrant	C. pity	D. firefly
4. 	A. tradition	B. reputation	C. question	D. motion
5. 	A. material	B. permanently	C. appliance	D. character
6. 	A. mother	B. author	C. thank	D. theater
7. 	A. mission 	B. sugar	C. shark	D. address
8.	A. coop	B. book	C. school	D. door
For question 9-25. Choose the best answer.
9. She is looking ________ the children. They’re hiding.
A. at 	B. for 	C. after 	D. around
10. Are you going _______ for your vacation next year?
A. aboard 	B. far away 	C. absent 	D. outdoors
11. Lan _______at school this morning. I remember it quite clearly.
A. learning	B. learns	C. is learining	D. learned
12. There isn’t any _______ in the fridge.
A. apples	B. orange	C. water	D. air
13. My father can not _______a car.
A. drive	B. drives	C. ride	D. rides
14. In _______, we learn about the numbers.
A. Math	B. Science	C. English	D. History
15. The campers were children _______ many different countries. 
A. to	B. in	C. from	D. about
16. Oh no! It _______. outside.
A. rains	B. raining	C. rained	D. is raining
17. It’s time for you _______ home.
A. go	B. to go	C. going	D. went
18. I always bring my _______ with me. I can use it when it rains.
A. coat	B. T – shirt	C. shoes	D. umbrella
19. I am going to make a big cake _______my party.
A. with	B. about	C. for	D. from
20. Nam is _______. He speaks English as his mother tongue.
A. French	B. Japanese	C. American	D. England
21. Welcome _______ our city, John.
A. to	B. with	C. in	D. at
22. My shirt isn’t big. It’s very _______ I can’t wear it.
A. small	B. beautiful	C. long	D. colorful
23. People should be concerned _______ the environment.
A. with	B. about	C. for	D. of
24. Santa Claus often comes to people’s house to give children presents _______ Christmas.
A. on 	B. at 	C. when 	D. in
25. He is an energetic student, so he often _______ in school activities.
A. interested	 	B. take part 	C. joins 	D. All are correct
For question 26-35. Give the correct form of the verbs.
 - Be quiet! The baby (26.sleep)______________. (27.Not make) _____________ such big noise like that.
 - You mustn’t (28.climb) ______________ up that tall tree. You (29.fall) _____________ down.
 - Lan (30.know) ________________how (31.make) ________________dresses from material.
 - We (32.go)_______________ swimming this weekend. (33.You come) ______________________with us?
 - She (34.not like)________________ buses. She prefers (35.travel) _________________ by trains. 
For question 36-40. Choose the word or phrase that needs correction.
36. The governments say that people should turn on electrical appliance when no use.
	 A	 B	 C	 	 D
37. 150 dollars are not enough to buy any kinds of televisions nowadays.
	 A	 B C	 D
38. Cinderella’s step-mother was so cruel to her that she made her to do chores all day.
	 A	 B	 C	 D
39. Both Lan and Hoa have known many valuable information about the plan.
	 A	 B C 	 D
40. Look at the little boy over there. Do you think he tries to look for something he’s lost?
 A B C D 
For question 41-45. Give the correct form of the words.
41. He has been a (succeed) _____________ person since hes was twenty.
42. Your (appear) _____________ was so amazing. How did you do that?
43. There is a scheme that the government will soon (large) _____________ our main road.
44. We caught in an (expect) _____________ shower of rain.
45. The advantage of walking is it’s not (expense) _____________.
For question 46-50. Choose the best word to fill in the gap.
Life is __(46)__ more and more convenient thanks to electricity. Men have known about the __(47)__ of electricity for a long time, but no one could explain what electricity was until 1860, when an English scientist
showed the world. And it __(48)__ became popular in 1900s. It started to help machines work and we stopped depend so much __(49)__ coal. Thanks to electricity, people’s work and life have become much easier. However, electricity can be very dangerous if we are not careful. You should not touch any electrical devices with wet hands. And remember __(50)__ anything into sockets because electricity can kill you just by a touch.
A. coming
B. getting
C. traveling
D. going
A. exist
B. existence
C. existance
D. existant
A. began
B. always
C. must
D. first
A. in
B. at
C. on 
D. of
A. to put
B. not to put
C. putting
D. not putting
For question 51-56. Fill in the gap with the letter next to the correct phrase.
It was Christmas Eve 1971. A film director called Werner Herzog was at the airport in Lima, Peru. 51 Herzog waited for the next flight and the plane took off without him. A few minutes later, it crashed into the jungle. There was only a survivor – a seventeen-year-old German girl called Juliane Koepke. 52
When the plane crashed, Juliane fell through the trees and landed on the ground. She woke up 24 hours later. 53 She knew that she needed to get out of the jungle. Juliane didn’t have the right clothes for a journey like this – she had a miniskrit! – but she knew a lot about the jungle. Her parents were scientists. The studied the jungle in Peru, and the jungle was Juliane’s home when she was a young child. 54
When she found water, she followed it and soon came to a river. She knew that there were often villages near a river, But the trip wasn’t easy for her. 55 She often had to walk or swim through dangerous water. People flew over in small planes to look for survivors from the accident.
56 Two days later, Juliane Koepke walked out of the jungle, very hungry and tired, but alive! Fifteen years later, Werner Herzog went back to Peru and made a film about her amazing jurney.
 A 	Her head and her arms hurt, but she was alive.
 B 	He needed to take a plane into the jungle, but the flight was already full.
 C 	The problem was that she couldn’t find any food or water in the jungle.
 D 	She walked for ten days with no food.
 E 	But after ten days, they decided that everybody died, so they stopped looking for people.
 F 	The other 96 people on the plane all died in the accident.
 G 	So she knew that the important thing was to find fresh water.
For question 57-64. Decide if each sentence is True or False.
57 Werner Herzog, whose flight crashed into the jungle in 1971, was a film director.
58 There were 96 people on the flight.
59 Juliane, who was one of the accident victims, was born in 1954.
60 She was wearing a miniskrit when the accident occurred.
61 She knew a lot about the jungle because her parents’d taught her about jungles at home.
62 The journey out of the jungle was very easy to Juliane because she lived in the jungle 
	 when she was young.
63 People used small planes to find survivors and they succeeded in finding Juliane.
64 Juliane’s amazing journey was made into a movie fifteen years after the accident.
For question 65-70. Rewrite the sentences. Keep the same meaning. Use the cues given.
65. We left early so that we wouldn’t miss the bus.	(in order to)
66. The Atlantic was the only team which could beat the Pacific team.	(but)
đ No teams ....
67. The last time I saw Martin was last Monday. 	(present perfect)
68. I promise that I won’t be late for school again.	(to–Inf)
69. No one in this class is better at English than Mai.
đ Mai is 
70.Remember to check your flight numbers.
đ Don’t 
For question 71 – 80. Use the given word to make a meaningful sentences.
71. I / am / great / Paris / a / in / holiday / having /.
72. In / few / days / first / I / the / a / of / visited / lot / all / tourist / attractions /.
73. All / the / have / tourists / of / places / were /, so / a / I / yesterday / shops / full / decided / to / look / at / the /.
74. Today / I / an / gallery / been / to / with / exciting / beautiful / art / pictures / have /.
75. I / lost / way / got / on / back / hotel / but / it / didn’t / the / to / the / matter /.
76. I / selling / discovered / lots / stalls / everything / a / of / with / market /.
77. I / first / meals / go / ate / for / night / in / usually / but now / the / hotel / my / out / I / the /.
78. The / meal / are / less / great / I / can / and / for / restaurants / Ê25 / than / a / get /.
79. I / afraid / money / spent / a / of / am / have / but / it’s / wonderful / holiday / I / lot / a /.
80. I / get / all / have / of / taken / I / photos / show / back / when / you / the / will / I /.
Giỏm thị coi thi khụng giải thớch gỡ thờm.
Đỏp ỏn.
1. D 	 2. C	3. C	 4. C	5. D	 6. A	7. D	 8. D
9. B	 10. A	11. D	 12. C	13. A	 14. A	15. C	 16. D
17. B	 18. D	19. C	 20. C	21. A	 22. A	23. B	 24. B	25. C
26. is sleeping	27. Don’t make	
28. climb	29. are going to fall	
30. knows	31. to make
32. are going (to go)	33. Will you come
34. doesn’t like	35. traveling
36. C (turn off)	37. A (is)	38. D (do)	39. C (much)	40. B (is trying)
41. successful	42. appearance 	43. enlarge	44. unexpected	45. expensive
46. B	 47. B	 48. D	 49. C	 50. B
51. B	 52. F	 53. A	 54. G	 55. D	 56. E
57. F	 58. F	 59. T	 60. T	 61. F	 62. F	63. F	 64. T
65. We left early in order to catch the bus.
66. No teams could beat the Pacific (team) but the Atlantic (team).
67. I haven’t seen Martin since last Monday.
68. I promise not to be late for school again.
69. Mai is the best at English in this class.
70. Don’t forget to check your flight numbers.
71. I am having a great holiday in Paris.
72. In the first few days I visited a lot of tourist attractions.
73. All the places were full of tourists, so yesterday I decided to have a look at the shops.
74. Today I have been to an exciting art gallery with beautiful pictures.
75. I got lost on the wayback to the hotel but it didn’t matter.
76. I discovered a market with lots of stalls selling everything.
77. I ate in the hotel the first night but now I usually go out for my meals.
78. The restaurants are great and I can get a meal for less than Ê25.
79. I am afraid I have spent a lot of money but it’s a wonderful holiday.
80. I will show you all of the photos I have taken when I get back.
Tổng: 80 điểm. 1 điểm cho mỗi cõu trả lời đỳng.
Bài chọn lỗi sai khụng yờu cầu sửa, nhưng nếu học sinh chọn đỳng mà sửa sai thỡ khụng cho điểm.
Học sinh làm cỏch khỏc nếu đỳng vẫn cho điểm tối đa.
Cỏc lỗi về chớnh tả ở phần 4 – Writing, trừ 0,25đ / lỗi.

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