Đề luyện thi THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh - Đề 19 (Có đáp án)

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Đề luyện thi THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh - Đề 19 (Có đáp án)
Part 1: Phonetics:
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group
A. my	B. pie	C. tea	D. tie
A. arm	B. calm	C. farm	D. warm
A. laid	B. paid	C. said	D. stayed
A. lane	B. latex	C. wait	D. white
A. coach	B. toothache	C. cheek	D. cheque
Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from the rest in each group
A. toilet	B. passport	C. thirty	D. cassette
A. cigarette	B. seventy	C. telephone	D. consonant
A. curtain	B. four teen	C. puzzle	D. garden
A. racialism	B. hamburger	C. tomorrow	D. cucumber
A. hotel	B. colour	C. picture	D. tuna
Part 2: Vocabulary - grammar and structures
Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D
When you come tomorrow, why not______ your brother with you
	A. fetch	B. take	C. bring	D. carry
You will see him when he______ here tomorrow.
	A. will come	B. has come	C. come	D. comes
I want to______ a table at the Savoy Hotel.
	A. maintain	B. reserve	C. manage	D. allow
She said that she______ you some day.
	A. had visited	B. has visited	C. will visit	D. would visit
It was impossible for her to tell the truth, so she had to ______ a story.
	A. combine	B. manage	C. invent	D. lie
They didn't ______ John's plan?
	A. agree with	B. agree to	C. agree	D. agree about
Tomorrow is Paul's birthday. Let's______ it.
	A. celebrate	B. congratulate	C. honor	D. praise
If you don't understand the text, don’t hesitate______
	A. ask a question	B. asking a question	C. to ask a question	D. to asking a question
It's snowing. Would you like to______ on Saturday or Sunday.
	A. skiing	B. go to ski	C. go skiing	D. go ski
Our company didn't pay______ for that banner advertisement.
	A. much funds	B. many funds	C. many money	D. money
Do you feel like______ now?
	A. to go swimming	B. to swim	C. swimming	D. swim
Tom was thrilled to be ______ such a beautiful and interesting lady.
	A. introduced to	B. introduced at	C. introduced with	D. introduced
"What happened to them last night? They book depressed"
	"I don't think______ happened".
	A. nothing	B. everything	C. something	D. anything
"It is not very cold. I don’t think we need these big jackets".
	"I don't think so, ______"
	A. anyway	B. neither	C. either	D. too
"Bill is not doing well in class"
	"You must______ that he is just a beginner at this level".
	A. keep minding	B. keep to mind	C. keep in mind	D. keeping in mind
Which sentence expresses the same idea as the given one?
The meal we had in the restaurant was no nice
A. It was such a nice meal in the restaurant.
B. The restaurant served nice meals.
C. The restaurant where we had the meal was so nice.
D. We had a meal in a nice restaurant.
That's the garage where I left my car last week.
A. I had my car repaired last week.
B. I had my car repaired since last week
C. That's where I went to have my car repaired last week.
D. I has had my car repaired for last week.
"What do you think Steve is doing in the garden?" She asked.
A. She asked what Steve is doing in the garden
B. She asked what is Steve doing in the garden
C. She asked what was Steve doing in the garden
D. She asked what Steve was doing in the garden
The school I studied at last year was better than this one.
A. This school is not as good as my last one.
B. This school was not as good as my last one.
C. I studied in a good as my last one.
D. My last school is not as good as this one.
Sally decided not to do her homework and went to a night club
A. Sally went to a night club because she didn't have any homework.
B. Sally went to a night club instead of doing her homework.
C. Sally was too lazy to do her homework.
D. Sally went to a night club after doing her homework.
Choose a word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting
If you (A) wanting to come with me you had better (B) hurry because (C) I've got to be leaving (D) in the next minute or two.
Everybody (A) of the house (B) comes to help (C) with the shopping on Saturday, except Brad, because he has to (D) do football practice.
If I (A) had known that Wendy didn't have (B) an appointment (C) with the dentist, I would have asked her to come (D) with myself.
Our schedule consists (A) of three hours (B) of history lectures, (C) followed by the afternoon in the (D) football's stadium.
Now don't forget that (A) on Monday you fly (B) to Denver and (C) from nere you have to go (D) on to Houston.
Part 3: Reading
Read the passages below and choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D.
Every day many road accidents happen in Hong Kong. Some accidents cause injuries but some lead to death. Everyone, especially children, must learn how to cross the road. A simple code to remember is "STOP, LOOK and LISTEN BEFORE YOU CROSS".
The Transport Department organizes road safety campaigns every year in order to reduce traffic accidents. Parents and teachers should educate children on road safety. Most schools have their own School Road Safety Patrols. The School Road Safety Patrol is a uniformed group. It recruits secondary school students as members. Students at senior forms help fellow students cross the road correctly and safely on their way to and from school.
When you go out alone, however, what is the best way to cross the road? First, you must find a safe place to cross. There many be subways, footbridges, zebra or green man crossing. Of course, ti is safest to be directed by a policeman. Then you should stand on the pavement where you can see clearly all the directions, look round for the traffic and listen. If a car is coming, you ought to let it pass. When there is no traffic near, walk straight across the road. Do not run as you may trip!
Roads are dangerous. However, if everyone takes care when crossing the road, there will be fewer traffic accidents. Our transport system will then become safer and more efficient.
Who must learn how to cross the road safety?
	A. Children and their parents.	B. Everyone, especially teachers
	C. Those injured in road accidents	D. Everyone who uses the road.
Road safety campaigns are organized by _____ to _____.
A. schools_____ help their School Road Safety Patrols.
B. the Transport Department _____ cut down their number of road accidents.
C. traffic warders _____ direct students to cross the road.
D. teachers and parents _____ educate children on road safety.
What is the most suitable description for the School Road Safety Patrol?
	A. It accepts school teachers as members.
B. Its duty is to participate in Road Safety Campaigns.
C. You need not wear a uniform if you join.
D. Patrol members direct students to cross the road correctly.
According to the writer, what will happen if everyone is more careful in using the road?
A. There will be no more traffic accidents.	
B. Our transport system will not be safe.
C. Fewer traffic accidents will happen
D. The roads will be widened.
When you cross the roads, it is safest to be directed by_____
A. parents	B. teachers	C. policemen	D. senior students
A report says that Britain needs to bring in more workers from other countries. This is to avoid a crisis caused by population changes as fewer babies are born and as people live longer. Because there will be more and more old people in the population, the (41)_______ for a younger workforce will grow and immigration may help (42)_______ the problem. The report says that if the (43)_______ of people coming to live in the UK does not increase by around 20% in the (44)_______ fifty years, the UK population will fall by three million. This means that, (45)_______ a result, Britons would need to work until they are in their seventies to (46)_______ the large number of elderly people. In addition, the State will no longer be able to (47)_______ health care and pensions, so people will have to pay for themselves.
The ethnic minorities, most of whom are immigrants to Britain, (48)_______ a lot of money for the government in the form of taxes . This is because these minorities have many young people in (49)_______ The report calls for a (50)_______ of attitude towards immigrants: they are now some of our most valuable citizens.
A. want	B. cause	B. lack	D. need
A. find	B. create	C. solve	D. answer
A. size	B. number	C. total	D. figure
A. following	B. future	C. next	D. later
A. For	B. as	C. with	D. to
A. keep	B. spend	C. help	D. afford
A. provide	B. prepare	C. put	D. take
A. give	B. pay	C. support	D. afford
A. work	B. job	C. labour	D. profession
A. turn	B. change	C. direction	D. exchange

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