Đề kiểm tra nói học kì II môn Tiếng anh lớp 7

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Đề kiểm tra nói học kì II môn Tiếng anh lớp 7
Topic 1: Holiday
-Where did you go on your holiday ?
-What did you do last summer vacation?
I went to ..
 visited Nha Trang with my family .
.-How did you go there?
I went there by ..
-What places did you visit ?
I visited ..and .
-Did you buy any souvenirs in ..?
Yes , .
Topic 2: Health 
-What did you do the last time you had a bad toothache / headache /.?
I went to the dentist /
-Were you ever absent from school last semester?
Yes ,I was . .No , I wasn’t .
-Who wrote you sick note ?
My mother / father 
-How can you help prevent a cold ?
Eat well , exercises and you will be fit a healthy .
-What do you have for breakfast / lunch / dinner ?
I have .
-Do you think your diet is baland ? Why? Why not?
-Name two advantages of eatjng sugar? 
.taste, energy..
Topic 3: Activities
What sports do you like?
What sports can you play?
How often do you play sports ?
What Is you favorite sports?
Can you play skateboarding ?
Where often do you play sports ?
Topic 4: Freetime fun
What do you usually do in yourfreetime ?
What do you usually do in the evening ?
How often do you what televition ?
-I always / sometimes.
What kind of T.V programs do you like ? 
-cartoon, music, contest,
What do you do after school?
Topic 5: Going out
How often do you play games?
- I sometimes, never.
Where do you play games?....
 -Amusement center
How long do you play games?
-30 minutes
Why must we be careful when we play games?
-Can be addictve..
Topic 6 : Food and Drink 
-.What did you eat last night ?
I ate ..
-Who cook dinner for your family ?
My mother / father .
-How often do you help your Mom ?
I often help my Mom .
-What did you help ?
I tidy my room / set the table .
-What food /drink do you like best?
I like .

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