Đề kiểm tra một tiết số 1 Tiếng anh lớp 7 - Đề số 3 - Năm học 2014-2015 - Trường THCS Bù Nho

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Đề kiểm tra một tiết số 1 Tiếng anh lớp 7 - Đề số 3 - Năm học 2014-2015 - Trường THCS Bù Nho
Bu Nho secodary school THE FIRST TERM TEST IN ENGLISH 7
Name: Time:45 minutes
Class :7A 	School-year: 2014-2015
Teacher’s advices
I. Chọn và khoanh trũn từ hay cụm từ đỳng nhất (3 m)
1. Her______ name is Thi.
A. family	B. full	C. first 	D. middle	
2. He grows vegetables on the farm in the countryside. He is a ______
A. teacher	B. architect	C. farmer	D. engineer	
3. He fights fires. He’s very brave. What is his job? – He is a ______ .
A. batman	B. fireman	C. superman	D. Spiderman
4. Which is the ______apartment? – Number 79.
A. good	B. better	C. best	D. more
5. He doesn’t have______ friends in Hanoi.
A. a lots of	B. any	C. lot of	D. some	
6. I live______24B Dinh Tien Hoang street.
A. in	B. on	C. at	D. to	
7. How ______is it from the hospital to bus stop. – It’s not far about 1km.
A. long	B. old	C. high	D. far	
8. Her date of birth is______ November fourth.
A. at	 B. on	C. in	D. of	
9. ______is your telephone number? – It’s 0623 626 645.
A. Who	B. Why	C. Which	D. What	
10. Hanoi is a big city, but it is ______than Ho Chi Minh city.
A. small	B. smaller	C. the small 	D. the smallest
11.There ______a lamp, a book shelf and four chairs in my room.
A. am	B. is	C. are	D. be	
12.______ an awful day!
A. When	B. How	C. What	D. Where
II. Viết cõu hỏi cho những từ gạch chõn. (1 m)
1. Her father teaches in Hong Son secondary school.
=> Where ....?
2. She’ll be 14 on her next birthday.
=> How old .................................?
III. Read the stage carefully. Check T or F statements. (1 m) 	
Hi. I’m Hoa. I’m eleven years old. I’m a student. This is my father. He’s a worker. He works in a factory. This is my mother. She’s a teacher. She teaches in high school. This is my sister, Lien. She’s a nurse. She works in Binh Thuan hospital.
T / F
1. Hoa is a student. 
2. His father is a teacher and works in a factory.
3. Hoa’s mother is a teacher. She works in high school.
4. Her sister, Lien is doctor. She works in Binh Thuan hospital.
IV. Read the stage carefully. Then choose the best answer (1,5ms)
	Lan’s 12. She will be 13 on her next birthday. She will have a party for her birthday. She will invite some of her friends. She lives at 24 Ly Thuong Kiet street. The party will be at her home. It will start at five o’clock in the evening and finish at nine.
1. How old is Hoa now?
A. 12	B. 13	C. 14	D. 24
2. Will she invite any her friends?
A. Yes, she is. 	B. No, she isn’t. 	C. Yes, she will 	D. No, she won’t. 	
3. Where will the party be at?
A. hotel 	B. restaurant	C. school	D. Lan’s house
IV. Cung cấp những dạng đỳng của cỏc động từ trogng ngoặc) (1đ)
1. My father (work) .. on a farm.
2. Lan’s morther ( teach)  in Hong Son secondary school.
3. My brother (go) .to Hanoi tomorrow.
4. She (read) ..a book at the moment.
V. Tìm từ mà phần gạch chân có cách đọc khác các từ còn lại. (1đ)
1. A. stops 	B. lamps 	C.books	D. doors
2. A. April	B. apple	C.date	D. name
3. A. bookstore.	B. see 	C. stamps	D. opposite 
4.A. leave	B. great	C. leap	D. speak
5. A. sorry	B. happy	C. worry	D. dryer
VI. Tìm lỗi sai trong phần gạch chân ở các câu sau. (1, 5đ)
1. What a expensive dress!
 A B C D
2. What is your date of birth ? – The seven of July. 
 A B C D
3. I think I do well in my English exam next week.
 A B C D
4. What’s your family’s name, Nga? - It’s Nguyen.
 A B C D
5. I would like telling about my school and my teachers 
 A B C D
6. She wants talking to Miss Lien now.
 A B C D

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