Bộ đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng anh lớp 11

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Bộ đề kiểm tra môn Tiếng anh lớp 11
 English Test 
 Class : 11
Bai 1 :AP:ronunciation : 
1. a, supply b, survive c,industry d,argriculture
2, a,scenic b, extinct c,decrease d, coexist 
3,a,wild b,prohibit c,environment d,survive 
4, a,swallow b,switch c,sweet d,sword 
B – Stress : 
1,a., population b, available c,university d , education 
2,a,support b,repeat c,increase d,expect 
3, a,punishment b,government c,journalism d,organization
4,resource b,average c,decrease d,method
Bai 2 =Choose the best answer :
1,A .is a person chosen to speak on behalf of a group .
a- monitor b-representative c-president d- member 
2, Everyone was attracted by her gracefull ..
a- perform b-performing c-performance d- performer 
3-Are you willing to take ..in our project ? 
a, part b,participation c,role d ,contribution 
4, He wasbecause she didn’t arrive at his birthday ‘ party .
A,disappoint b- disappointing c-disappointed d- disappoinment 
5,Luxury cars are growing in ....in Viet nam .
A, popularity b, amount c, size d- concern 
6, The last World Cup was in Germany.
A, broken b, taken place c- happened d- held 
8, I warned you ..picpockets in the shopping area .
A, with b, against c,on d, to 
9,A ..friendship is a precious relationship .
mutual b- sincere c- generous d-successful
10 , The purpose of the contest is to stimulate the sprite of playing sports among students .
a, prevent b, rise c,burn d, encourage 
11, The singing competition was sponsored by Students’ Parets Society .
A, suported b, assisted c, organized d, held 
12 , The refree announced the end of the match .
A, said b, told c, declared d, agreed
13 , Do you belong to any professional association ?
 A, school b, class c, crowd d, organization 
14 , Her voluntary work is to supply the sick with medical treatment .
A, pro vide b, bring c take d, donate 
15,He tried to live on his limited pension .
A, planned b, manage c, kept d, insisted 
16 He apologized for not writing to her for a month .
A, regretted b, said sorry c, worried d, excused 
17, she fainted right after she read the dreadfull news .
A, good b, unexpected c,great d, terrible 
18,Minh was the winner and he was ..a set of CDs for studying English .
A, announced b, awarded c, welcomed d, responded 
19 ,The judes will observe and ..your performmance .
a, score b, mark grade d, write 
20 The competition ‘s aim is to.. the spirit of learning English among students .
A, grow b,present c,offer d, stimulate 
21,The teacher explained the competition ‘ rulerthe students very carefully .
A, to b, with c, for d, at 
22, Time was and the judge announced the result .
A, out b- up c, off d, down 
23 ,On Christmast Eve , children goto bed full .excitement .
A, of b- with c, up d,in 
25 ,We were all attracted .the beauty of the nature here .
A, in b, to c, with d, on 
26, There is no point .a fuss over it .
A, to make b, making c, being made d, to be made 
27 The amount of solar energy that reach the earth depends .the atmosphere .
A, on b, in c, to d, of 
27 , Does he tell you how he is getting ..his new colleages ? 
A, on with b, on of c, away with d, out of 
28, I prefer staying at work late .work with me .
A, to take b, taking c, than take d, to taking 
29 , Do you have difficulty a flat to rent? 
A, to find b, finding c, found d, find 
30 ,The policeman was suspicious Crawley .
A, to b, of c, for d, from 
Bai 3 : Give out the correct tense of word 
1,There are 50 ..in the talent contest ( compete ) 
2 , One of the rulers is that each group múst complete five ..in all . ( act )
3, Mai ‘s brother is very .about the Asian games .( know ) 
4, The event is an occasion when .and sports skills are tested .( strong) 
5, .., if the wind doesn’t blow , there is no wind energy .( fortune)
 Bai 4 :Correct mistakes :
1 , Hung said tomethat if I don’t study hard I wouldn’t pass the exam
 A B C D
2, If someone denied to steal the car , but admitted having borrowed it .
 A B C D
 3,When I was sick with the flu , my mother made me to eat soup and rest in bed . A B C D 
4 , Never in the hitory of humanity there have been more people living .
 A B C D
5, Many people agree that writing letters are a nice way of keeping in touch .
 A B C C
Bai 5 : com plete sentences : 
1, when / I / there / two / years old / building / build / now / it / not finish / yet .
2, they / build / garage / same time / as / house /?/
3, I / keep / wait / half / hour / bank manage /
4, it / may / good idea / use / honey / instead / sugar .
5,he /sick / still / turn up / music .
Bai 6 : Rewrite sentences : 
1,I haven’t returned to my homevillage since last summer
-The last time 
2,She went out with her friends after she had finished all her homework 
- Having  
3,Because of her bad health , she refused to take the operation .
- Be cause 
4, “ It certainly wasn’t me who took your car!”
- Bob denied .
5, The house was built a long time ago , it is in need of repairing 
- Built ..
6,She is going to sell her old house .
-Her old house .
7,They have just made something to held a party .
-Something ..
8,”I want to meet you after school today “ 
-The teacher told me .
9,”What time do you go to bed everyday ?”
-He asked her 
10,’Have you finished your report for the meeting tomorrow ? “ 
-I asked him 
Bai 7 ; read then answer the questions :
The first stamp (1)..the world was an English stamp. It was made in 1840 .Before that time people paid money (2)the postman for every letter they received and the postman didn’t give letters to anybody (3).didn’t pay him . An English teacher (4).name is Rowland Hill thought much about it . One day he said that people who wrote the letters must pay for them and not the (5) He spoke about it to people in the government . Soon all the post offices began to sell little pieces of paper with a stamp on them .
1, a- in b- beyond c,on d- of 
2, a- to b-for c- at d- @
3, a-which b- that c- who d- whom 
4, a- whom b, that c- which d- whose 
5, a- getters b- writers c- receivers d- postman 
1,She seemed satisfied ..the result .
2,She was extremely proud ..family traditions .
3,I was useful .them because I could speak French
4,This computer isn’t capable .running this software .
5,We take great pride ..offering the best service in town.
6,This post office is equiped adcanced technology of transaction
7,She had a quick glance ..the newspaper as she was inn a hurry .
8,She got .the bus and sat .next an old man .
9,If you don’t like the scarf , you can take it ..to the shop .
10, She showed the new toys her friends .
11,How much did you pay ..the new car ? 
12, He pointed ..the dog when it ran .them .
13,Are you interested ..practising speaking English?
14,You should have more confidence ..your own abilities .
15,My parents gave me a new bike ..my birthday .
16,We are having a big party  ..our twenty –fifth wedding anniversary. 
17,It is Jane ‘s farewell party ..Friday night .
18,I don’t know what to give my Dad.Christmas.
19,We have invited all the neighbors our party 
20,If you carry spending like that you will end in debt 
21,He bought her a diamond ring .their tenth wedding anniversary .
22, The whole family showed ..for our anniversary celebration 
23,There are some games .the party .Would you join .enthusiasticcally ? 
24,The government plans to set a regional library system .
25,He waited untill they had carried his orders to the fulliest 
26,He is very good ..playing games .
28,At the end of her life she suffered ..Alzeimer’s disease.
29,Some students volunteer to work in remote areas to provide education .children.
30,The students were asked to provide the villagers ..reading and writing skills .
32,Let’s concentratingsolving this problem before we discuss the other one .
33,William insists .getting up early ,even on weekend .
34,Many companies participatedthe trade fair .
35,Many students have difficulty ..learning phrasal verbs.
36,Each exercise focuses .a different grammar point .
37,Children usually are given “lucky money “ .Tet
38,Banh Chung ,which is made sticky rice ,is one of Tet’s special food .
39,The New Year is celebrated night .January.
40,There are a lot of parties ..New Year ‘s Eve 
41,Vietnamese people prepare Tet several weeks before Tet
42,We decorate our Christmas trees .a lot of coloured lights and shiny little bells .
43,Many people go to the pagoda to pray ..a happy year .
44,.the first days of Tet every one tries to be nice and polite others 
45,Lunar New Year usually falls sometimes ..19January and 20 February..the Western calendar .
46,Both children and adults take part games and various forms of entertainment .
Review of unit 6 
I ,Pronunciation:
1,a-dread	b-treasure	c-treatment	d-dreamt
2,a-truck	b-trumpet	c-truthful	d-trust	
3,a- dressing 	b-trend 	c-twenty	d-frequent
4,a-blind	b-pride	c-bridge	d-plight 
5,a-brown	b-blow	c-proud	d-cloud
II, Stress:
1,a-campaign	b-expand	c-survey	d-respect 
2,a-effective	b-performance	c-promotion	d-relevant 
3,a-eradicate 	b-illiterate 	c-universal	d-activity 
4, a-consider	b-educate	c-populous	d-mountainous
5,a-gradual	b-technique	c-ethnic	d-province 
III,Choose the best answer : 
1,His colleagues accused him .leaking information to the press .
a-for 	b-of 	c- on 	d- to 
2,He denied .the contest without asking his parents .
a-entering 	b- to enter	c- to entering 	d- have entered 
3,John me on passing the driving test .
a-wished 	b-proposed 	c- recommended 	d- congratulaed 
4, Group A quickly read the questions and tried to the answer s 
a-find out 	b-make out 	c-discover 	d- calculate 
5, Firstly, The Judge explained the competition’s .to the participants .
a-laws	b-rulers 	c- decisions 	d- pages 
6, I warn you in this river . it is dangerous .
a-not to swim 	b- to swimming 	c- about swimming 	d- against swim 
7,The government is planning .the flood victims as soon as possible 
a-helping	b-to helping	c- helped	d- tohelp 
8, Are you willing to in our programme ? 
a-part	b-participate 	c- contribute	d-refuse 
9, I tried to explain the reason of my being late in the meeting ..him but he seemed not to hear me 
a-for 	b- to 	c- from 	d- with 
10, They are forced ..uniform while working 
a-to wearing 	b- wear	c-to wear	d- wore 
11,Jean was up set by into the university she wanted 
a-not being admitted	b-not to be admitted 	c-be admitting 	d-not admitting
12, When I glanced out the window , I saw Tom ..toward my house .
a-walk 	b- walking 	c- to walk 	d- to walking 
13, I am sure it is not my fault that John found out what we were planning ,I don’t remember any one about it .
a-telling 	b- to tell	c-to telling 	d-told 
14,I don’t approve of ..when I am talking 
a-being interrupting	b-to be interrupted 	c- being interrupted	d-to being interrupt 
155,Their lasted a lifetime .
a-friend	b-friendship	c- friendliness	d-friendly
16, Most married couples in European countries ..wedding anniversaries each year .
a-present	b-compliment	c-celebrate 	d-conduct 
17, We went to sing after we ..a wonderful party .
a-had 	b-were having 	c- have had	d- had had 
18, Jane denied a whole bag of chocolate cookies before lunch .
a-eat 	b-to eat	c-eaten	d-eating 
19,..the work , my father started to go home .
a-finished	b- Having finished	c-To finish	d-To finishing 
20. He is not capable ..making decisions in important situations 
a- to 	b- for 	c- of 	d- with 
III, Rewrite sentences : 
1, He drove in to the car park and then walked to the office .
-After having .
2. “ Don’t forget to join in the contest tomorrow evening “ 
-Jean reminded 
3. “I am sorry I damaged your tape recorder , Mike “ 
- He apologised .
4, “ Would you like me to clean the room for you ? “ 
She offered ..
5.” If I had had your phone number , I would have phoned you yesterday “ 
-He told me ..
6, “ If I have much money , I will help you to solve this problem ‘ 
-She said .
7,As soon as he arrived home , it started to rain 
-No sooner 
8, If I had reviewed the lessons last night , I would do the test now 
-Had ..
9, You should not persuade him to give up smoking .
-There is no point .
10,He is always proud of his courage in getting the reward 
-He always takes 
IV, Complete the letter 
 Dear Sir / Madam 
1, I /see / advertisement / yesterday / “Daily Newspaper “ 
2,and / I / be / interest /piano / you / have /sale 
3,I / like / meet / you / see / instrument 
4, Before / I arrange / see / instrument / you / please / send / more / information / 
5, I / wish / I know / if / piano / be / upright / grand / type / 
6, I also / be / glad / if / tell / age / instrument 
7, and / lowest price / you / accept / it 
8, I / free / visit / Thursday / November 20 
9, Would / kindly/pleased / indicate / time / that most / convenient / you 
10,I / look / forward / see / you / soon .
V,Complete the passage : 
The table tennis was very enjoyable before (1) .lit a cigarette and ruined the evening .After .(2 ) .smoking ,they let the cigarette fall down on the wooden floor .Unfortunately , they dropped it without putting it out but .(3 ) paid any attention to it . Even the woman .(4 ) ..next to the man with the cigarette didn’t notice . Soon , however , there was ..(5 ) smoke .Suddenly , flames (6 ) up into the sir .Someone immediately ran out of the room .(7 ) the fire brigade . Two or three men got some buckets of water (8 ) .the fire ,but it was useless .Everyone in the large hut (9 ) very frightened . The next moment people rushed towards the main doors .Before the fire brigade arrived ,the whole building was on fire .On (10) .the burning building , one of the firemen succeeded in rescuing an old woman .
1,a- someone 	b-anyone 	c- noone	d- nobody 
2, a- finish 	b- finishing 	c- finished 	d- finishes 
3, a-someone 	b-anyone 	c- noone 	d- everyone 
4, a-she was 	b- was 	c- who was 	d- she 
5, a- a lot of 	b- many 	c- a few 	d- a little 	
6, a- shoot 	b- shoots 	c- shot 	d- shooting 
7, a- phone 	b- to phone 	c- phoning 	d- for phoning 
8, a- to put out 	b- they put out 	c- putting out 	d- put out 
9, a- was 	b- were 	c- has 	d- have 	
10, a- enter 	b- entering 	c- entered `	d- he entered 
The end
1,a-game	b-celebrate 	c-exchange	d-calendar
2,a-specialty	b-ceremony	c-celebrate	d-cell phone
3,a-prosperity	b-solemn	c-prove	d-promise
4,a-solution	b-resolution	c-success	d-prosperity
5,a-western	b-wrestling	c-resolution	d-resolve
1,a-calendar	b-solution	c-prosperity	d-traditional
2,a-society	b-holiday	c-celebrate	d-together 
3,a-appropriate	b-festival	c-approval	d-occasion
4,a-beginner	b-position	c-recycling	d-evening
5,a-gratitude	b-delightful	c-responding	d-expression
III,Choose the best answer :
1,If the technology ..available ,wee would be able to expand the business 
a-would become 	b-became	c-to become	d- had become 
2,It would have been a much more serious accident fast at thee time .
a-was she driving	b-she had driven	c-had she been driving	d-if she drove 
3, The population of the world is growwing at a dangerous ..
a-amount	b-rate	c-figure	d-way
4,People arenot aware .the problem of over population 
a-for	b-of	c-at	d-in 
5,China is one of the most .populated areas in the world
a-wastefully 	b- perfectly 	c- densely 	d-completely 
6,John said that if hee .any money he me a dri nk 
a-has /will buy	b-had / would have bought	
c- had had / would buy 	d-had had / would have bought 
7,We should work together ..the problem will be solved more quickly 
a-so that	b-when	c-to 	d-in order to 
8,It doesn’t take more than ten minutes.these axercises .They are pretty easy 
a-finish	b-finished	c-to finish	d-finishing 
9,The fire engines were prevented ..to help because many of the roadshad cracked open 
a-for going	b-from going	c- to go 	d- to going 
10, It was said that half of his books in French 
a-was	b-is	c-were	d-be
11,There are a lot of reading materials on birth control methods available people who are concerned about this issue 
a-for 	b-to 	c- of 	d- about 
12, It was unnlucky that noboody was to lift the box 
a-enough strong to lift 	b-strong enough to lift 
c- enough strong lifting 	d-strong enough lifting
13,We are always ..to our teachers for their precious help
a-respectful	b-grateful	c-considerate	d-admirable
14,I bought three books .Here are two , but where is one ? 
a-the other	b-another	c-others	d-each other 
15,Some couuntries are poor because they have very ..natuural resouces 
a-little	b-much	c-many	d-few 
16,They got back ..from a dangerous exploration 
a-safe	b-safety	c-safeguard	d-safely
17,The ..of teachers is one of thee dificulties poor countries have to face 
a-lack	b-need	c-demand	d-require
18,Henry was ..by his uncle and aunt when his parents died 
a-rise	b- raised	c-risen	d-raise 
19, We regret .you that your application was turned down 
a-telling	b-to tell	c-to telling	d- tell 
20,His mother insisted that he seriously ill and that a doctor must be sent for at once 
a-be	b-is	c-was	d-were
III,Replace the following underlines with “ one ‘ or “ ones “ 
1,I answer most of the questions ,but had to miss out some very difficult questions 
2,The females violists in the orchestra outnumber the male violists by about three to one 
3, Traffic is light in most of the city ,but there is heavy traffic near the football stadium 
4,The issue discussed at the meeting was an extremely complicated issue 
5, If you are making a cup of coffee , could you make a cup of coffee for me ? 
6,If you are buying a newspaper from the shop ,could you get a newspaper for me ?
7,He used to work for a finance company ,but he moved to an insurance company 
8,”Was it these earrings you wanted ? “ – “ No , the earrings on the left of tthose , please ? “ 
9,Many people are happy about the new road being built ,but there are some angry people , too 
10,Dave is very good at taking photos of old buildings .There is an excellent photo of a local church in his office 
11, On one channel was a war film and on the other was a horror film , so I turned the TV off 
12,” Are these your shoes ? “ – “ No, the blues shoes are mine “ 
13, There are a lot of gloves here .Are these your gloves ? 
14,The damage to the car was a problem ,of course , but an easily solved problem 
15,” I will just clean my clothes before we go out “ – “ Can you do my clothes ,too , please ? 
IV ,Give out the correct forms of verbs:
1,I have been trying to sell my car for ages ,but nobody (want ) to buy it 
2,The office staff ( claim ) .that they have been treated badly by management 
3,At present ,the Director , together with his heads off deparment ( prepare ) ..a new budget 
4, It is really quiet at night .Everything (shut ) at around 10p.m 
5,Every letter and parcel ( check) ..carefully before posting to make sure it has the correct address 
6,A number of refuggees ( turn ) ..back at the border recently 
7, The number of books in the library ( rise ) ..to over five billion so far
8,All the funiture (destroy ) .in the fire two days ago
9, Everyone (think ) that Peter should be given the job 
10,One of the reason I took thee job (be ) ..that I could work from home 
11,If anybody (want ) ..to leave early ,they can 
12,Either the president or his representatives ( be )to attend the meeting
13,It is the first time either of us (be ) ..to China , but everryone we ‘ve mett here ( be ).very welcoming and helpful 
14,A couple of my friends (go ) .to Haoai next week 
15,Someone(forget ) their umbrella 
III,Rewrite sentences :
1,It is a pity !It is too late to do anything about it 
-I wish 
2,The teacher made his students work hard for the exam 
-The students ..
3,Jane didn’t wear the raincoat ,so she got wet 
-If .
4,”If I had my mobile yesterday , I could have p

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