Bài tập Verbs form môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7

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Bài tập Verbs form môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7
Name: 	Class:	Number:	ENGLISH 7
Supply the correct form or tense of the verbs in brackets.
My father (have) coffee for breakfast everyday
His sister (study).. in a shoe store this summer
The students (look)  up that new that now
Mary (go) to school each day except Saturday
They (do) some experiments at the moment
Ms Eden (read) a newspaper now
It (not rain) very much in summer. It (rain) now
Bad pupils never (work)  hard because they giddy.
He generally (sing)  in English, but today he (sing) in Spanish
We seldom (eat).. before 6.30
Sometimes he (buy) vegetables at his market
We always (do) our exercise carefully
Look! A man (run) after the train. He (want) to catch it
John (travel) to England tomorrow
I (need) some money for my textbooks
Tom (like)  watching the cartoons on Disney Channel
Lan and her friend (plan) to join in the school’s theater group
Mary (love)  ice-cream, especially (be).. strawberry flavor
My mother (cook) some food in the kitchen at present. She always (cook) in the mornings
I often (leave) the city at weekends
The guests (enjoy)  a monumental opening ceremony
The sun(set).. in the west
My friend (dance) very well. She (be) a dancer
Hoa’s eldest brother (try) his best (get) good marks in University entrance exam
Listen! I (hear) someone knocking at the front door
The weather (be) very cold and windy now
Water (boil)  at 100 degree centigrade
Geoge (not often see) a film
How many languages .. you (speak).?
Listen! Can you hear those people nextdoor? They (yell).
We (be) be back early, don’t worry
Where is Peter? He’s upstairs. He (take)  a bath
I (not know) your telephone number
The farmers (work) on a farm in the countryside
Those children (sleep) for 2 hours every afternoon
Light (travel) .. faster than sound
At present, that author (write)  a historical novel
Nga is the girl (talk) to your mother
Ba’s good at (fix).. household appliances
Teacher (say) .. “You (be) a famous painter someday”
The bell is ringing. Everybody (go) into the school-ground and classes (finish)  until it (not be) time for recess.
Hurry up! I (close).. the house door after 10 p.m
Some (eat). and (drink)  as well as (chat) .
Well, there (be)  a few apartments near here
I (have) . a birthday party on Sunday night, May 12th
My aunt would like (wear).. a colorful dress right now
Many things (be) . a little different, dad? Yes
(Traffic)  lady and children is a social evil at present
Students (must)  do their homework at home before (go)..... to class
 you (feel)  hungry or thirsty?
Our teacher (take)  us to Dam Sen Amusement park next Wednesday.
His family sometimes goes (boat) in the summer
Cong Phuong (be)  a famous young football player with many goals more beautiful, so people all admire him
The school cafeteria (sell) snacks and drinks to students at a break
One of the world’s smallest libraries (not be).. the United States’ Library of Congress
Minh and Tuan (not live)  far from school. They usually (walk) ... to where they study together.

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