Bài tập trắc nghiệm Ngữ âm

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Bài tập trắc nghiệm Ngữ âm
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions. 
A. equality 	B. difficulty 	C. simplicity	 D. discovery
A. tenant	 B. common 	C. rubbish 	D. machine
A. animal 	B. bacteria 	C. habitat	D. pyramid
A. writer 	B. teacher 	C. builder	 D. career
A. company 	B. atmosphere	 C. customer 	D. employment
A. engineer 	B. understand 	C. comprehend	 D. religion 
A. forecast 	B. prefer 	C. suppose 	D. attract
A.considerate 	B. community 	C. circumstance	 D. photographer
A.remote 	B. receive 	C. prevent 	D. recent
A.opposite 	B. geography 	C. geometry 	D. endanger 
A.scenery 	B. location 	C. atmosphere D. festival 
A.attend 	B. appear 	C. anthem 	D. apply
A. mathematics	B.particular	C.authority	D.community
A. receive	B.proper	C.process	D.factor
A.possesion	B.politics	C.refusal	D.decision
A.apply	B.persuade	C.reduce	D.offer
A.preservative	B.congratulate	C.preferential	D.devolopment
A.president	B.physicist	C.inventor	D.property
A.economy	B.unemployment C.communicate	D.particular
A.recommend	B.volunteer	C.understand	D.potential
A.elephant	B.dinosaur	C.buffalo	D.mosquito
A.abnormal	B.initial	C.innocent	D.impatient
A.significant	B.convenient	C.fashionable	D.traditional
A.catastrophe	B.agriculture	C.dictionary	D.supervisor
A.settle	B.protect	C.compose	D.relate
A.tennis	B.into	C.between	D.country
A.difficulty	B.simplicity	C.discovery	D.commodity
A.traditional	B.residential	C.expectation	D.competition
A.command	B.secure	C.pretend	D.leisure
A.family	B.attractive	C.marvellous	D.industry
A. organism 	B. attraction 	C. prevention 	D. engagement
A. popularity 	B. laboratory	 C. politician 	D. documentary
A. imagine 	B. inhabit 	C. continue	 D. disappear
 A. periodic 	B. electric 	C. suspicious 	D. contagious
A. advertise 	B. advantage 	C. adventure	 D. adverbial
A. represent 	B. permanent 	C. sentiment 	D. continent
A. future 	B. involve 	C. prospect 	D. guidance
A. accuracy 	B. fabulous 	C. immediate 	D. optimist
A. facilitate 	B. intimacy	 C. participate 	D. hydrology
A. reduction 	B. popular 	C. romantic	 D. financial
A. reduction 	B. popular 	C. romantic 	D. financial
A. socialise 	B. memory 	C. tradition 	D. animal
A. biology 	B. ability 	C. interactive 	D. inaccurate
A. actor 	B. career 	C. rubbish 	D. cocktail
A. similar 	B. attractive 	C. chemical 	D. calculate
A. facility 	B. characterise	 C. irrational 	D. variety
A. agreement 	B. elephant 	C. mineral 	D. violent
A. professor 	B. typical 	C. accountant 	D. develop
A. electrician 	B. majority 	C. appropriate 	D. traditional
A. decay 	B. vanish 	C. attack 	D. depend
: A. independence B. experiment 	C. individual 	D. reputation
A. physical 	B. musical 	C. possible 	D. domestic
A. alive 	B. ancient 	C. central 	D. vacant
A. answer 	B. reduce 	C. product 	D. offer
A. poverty 	B. pottery 	C. decision 	D. astronaut
A. commercial 	B. constructive 	C. essential 	D. national
A. copy 	B. remove 	C. notice 	D. cancel
A. curriculum 	B. economics 	C. hesitation 	D. calculation
A. activity 	B. intelligence 	C. observation 	D. development
A. arrangement 	B. temperature 	C. victory 	D. envelope
A. bamboo 	B. hello 	C. hotel 	D. beauty
: A. wonderful 	B. confident 	C. regular 	D. impressive
A. attract 	B. marry 	C. demand 	D. connect
A. survive 	B. enlarge 	C. struggle 	D. occur
A. preservative 	B. conventional 	C. reliable 	D. intellectual
A. property 	B. customer 	C. computer 	D. energy
A. environment 	B. technology 	C. predominance D. superstition
A. popular 	B. impatient 	C. decisive 	D. observant
A. sovereignty 	B. advantage 	C. enrichment 	D. edition
A. considerate 	B. continental 	C. territorial 	D. economic
A. index 	B. commit 	C. preview 	D. open
A. specify 	B. illustrate 	C. interact 	D. fertilize
A. habitat 	B. attendance 	C. candidate 	D. wilderness
A. include 	B. achieve 	C. replace 	D. comment
A. comfortable 	B. attractive 	C. secretive 	D. necessary
A. appearance 	B. telephone 	C. government	 D. leadership
A. recipe 	B. candidate 	C. instrument	D. commitment
A. conceal 	B. contain 	C. conserve 	D. conquer
A. advantageous 	B. oceanic 	C. compulsory 	D. influential
A. inflation 	B. maximum 	C. applicant 	D. character
A. compulsory 	B. biography 	C. curriculum 	D. admirable
A. struggle 	B. anxious 	C. confide 	D. comfort
A. offer 	B. canoe 	C. country 	D. standard
A. pollution 	B. computer	 C. currency 	D. allowance
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.
A. check	 B. chemistry 	C. change 	D. cheap
A. zone 	B. phone 	C. none 	D. stone
A. given 	B. ridden 	C. widen 	D. kitchen
A. final 	B. writer 	C. ivory 	D. widow
A. passed 	B. managed 	C. cleared 	D. threatened
A. exist 	B. extinct 	C. explorer 	D. expand
A. eternal 	B. energy 	C. eradicate 	D. eliminate
A. ancient 	B. educate 	C. strange 	D. address
A. desert 	B. reserve 	C. observant 	D. conserve
A. astound 	B. account 	C. country 	D. mounting
A. bushes 	B. wishes 	C. researches 	D. headaches
A. debt 	B. climbing 	C. timber 	D. lamb
A. enough 	B. cough 	C. thorough 	D. tough
A. apply 	B. maximum 	C. cactus 	D. national
A. funny 	B. rubbish 	C. upper 	D. student
A. plai n 	B. certain 	C. faithful 	D. attain
A. survived 	B. maintained 	C. started 	D. determined
A. documentary 	B. population 	C. stimulate 	D. maximum
A. supply 	B. sensitive 	C. reserve 	D. universal
A. teaching 	B. treatment 	C. weather 	D. repeat
A. e xact 	B. examine 	C. eleven 	D. elephant
A. work 	B. stork 	C. force 	D. form
A. aboard 	B. keyboard 	C. cupboard 	D. overboard
A. reign 	B. reindeer 	C. protein 	D. vein
A. pressure 	B. assure	 C. assist 	D. possession
A. spe cies 	B. invent 	C. medicine 	D. tennis
A. superstar 	B. harvest 	C. particular 	D. part
A. drought 	B. fought 	C. brought 	D. bought
A. builds 	B. destroys 	C. occurs 	D. prevents
A. deal 	B. teach 	C. break 	D. clean
A. supported 	B. approached 	C. noticed 	D. finished
A. laughs 	B. drops 	C. maintains 	D. imports
A. justice 	B. campus 	C. culture 	D. brush
A. wanted 	B. stopped 	C. decided 	D. hated
A. century 	B. culture 	C. secure 	D. applicant

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