Bài tập tổng hợp Unit 7, 8 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 (Thí điểm)

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Bài tập tổng hợp Unit 7, 8 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 (Thí điểm)
Unit 7 – Traffic 
I. Look at the road signs. Choose the best answer or Write the meanings of the road sign. 
A. You can reduce your speed. 
B. You have to go fast. 
C. You must drive slowly. 
A. Be careful. Road works ahead. 
B. Watch out. There are workers. 
C. Look out for working children. 
A. There are wild animals ahead. 
B. There are cattle ahead. 
C. You can buy cattle meat here. 
A. Cars and buses can pass. 
B. Cars cannot be sold here. 
C. Cars are not allowed. 
II. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. 
1. A. brainstorm B. captain C. sailing D. railway 
2. A. traffic B. station C. safety D. plane 
3. A. enter B. vehicle C. helicopter D. mention 
4. A. hey B. obey C. grey D. honey 
5. A. ahead B. healthy C. seatbelt D. bread 
6. A. traffic B. pavement C. plane D. station 
7. A. recycle B. vehicle C. helicopter D. reverse 
8. A. railway B. mail C. sail D. captain 
9. A. sign B. mistake C. triangle D. drive 
10. A. nearest B. head C. bread D. health 
III. Choose the best option to complete the sentence. 
1. Minh used to _________his homework late in the evening. ( does/ do / doing / did) 
2. If people _________the rules, there are no more accidents. ( follow / take care of / obey / remember) 
3. You should _________right and left when you go across the roads.( see / look / be / take) 
4. Hurry up or we can’t _________the last bus home. ( keep / follow / go / catch) 
5. Public _________in my town is good and cheap. ( transport / tour / journey / travel) 
6. _________is not very far from here to the city centre. ( That / This / It / There) 
7. When there is a traffic jam, it _________me a very long time to go home.( costs/ takes / lasts / spends) 
8. Mai’s dad usually drives her to school __her school is very far from her house.( but / though/ because / or) 
9. Traffic accidents can be prevented if people _______ the rules ( remember / obey / go after / take care of) 
10. Hurry up, or we'll _______ the last bus. (lose / avoid / miss / drop) 
11. Does your bike ever __________ down on the way to school? ( break / take / do / turn) 
12. Give a __________ before you turn left or right. ( sign / turn / sound / signal) 
IV. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable preposition. 
1. I'm reading a book ..history of China. 2. Is it far .your house  school? 
3. Is Tokyo the biggest city ..the world. 4. John's worried his final exam. 
5. What's HCM city famous .? 6. Her sister is working ...a computer company. 
7. What time does the library close? It closes about half . four. 
8. We look the new words in the dictionary. 9. What is your date ..birth? - November eighth. 
10. Farmers are very hard - working. They work . morning .. night on their farms. 
11. Mr. Minh is not at home now. He is work. 
V. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences. 
1. What you (do) .at the moment? I (watch) TV. 
2. We (be) students in four years. 
3. A little girl can't spend all her time (listen)  to stories. 
4. We (play) soccer this afternoon. Would you like (join) ..? 
5. You can borrow my umbrella. I (not/ use) .. it at the moment. 
6. Look! The plane (fly) . towards the airport. 
7. Nam (not visit) . the museum with his class last Sunday because he had a cold. 
8. We (have)  a birthday party last week and a lot of people (join) 
VI. Put these expressions in the gaps to complete the sentences 
 road users railway station driving license zebra crossing 
 means of transport train ticket traffic jam speed limit 
1. At some stations you can buy a ____________________ from the machine. 
2. Slow down a bit. There's a 50 km ____________________ on this road. 
3. You must get a ____________________ before you can drive a car. 
4. The camel is the most common ____________________ in the desert of Egypt and some other countries. 
5. Avoid the rush hour and you won't get stuck in a ____________________. 
6. He is driving so fast: he may endanger other ____________________. 
7. This morning a lorry broke down near the ____________________. 
8. A new ____________________ has been built in the suburbs of our city. 
VII. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word. 
Who are the best drivers? Which drivers are safest on the roads? According to a recent survey, young 
and inexperienced drivers are the most likely to have . accident. Older drivers .. more careful. 
Young men have the worst accident records of all. They often choose faster cars with bigger engines. One of 
the . interesting facts in the survey is that passengers have an effect on the driver. ..young male 
drivers have their friends in the car, driving becomes worse. When their wife or girlfriend is in the 
car, however, their driving is better. But this is not true . women. Their driving is more dangerous 
when their husband . boyfriend is in the car. However, if their small children . riding in the 
car, they drive more slowly  safely. 
VIII. Choose the best answer to complete the passage. 
When you are in Hong Kong, you can go about by taxi, by tram, by bus, or (1) (in / by / on /with ) 
underground. I myself prefer the underground (2) (because / when / so / but) it is fast, easy and cheap. There 
are (3) (some / a lot / many / few )trams and buses in Hong Kong, and one cannot drive along the 
road (4) (quick / quicker / quickly / quickest) and without many stops. The underground is therefore usually 
quicker (5) (as / than / so / like ) taxis or buses. If you do not know Hong Kong very well, it is very 
difficult (6) (finding / to find/ found / to finding) the bus you want. You can take a taxi, but it 
is (7) (more / much /as / too) expensive than the underground or a bus. On the underground you find god 
maps that tell you the names of the stations and show you (8) (who / when / what / how )to get to them so that 
it is easy to find your way. 
IX. Rewrite the following sentences so that their meaning stays the same, using the words give. 
1. The distance from my house to school is about 500 metres. (It) 
2. My father went to work by car some years ago, but now he goes by bus. (used to) 
3. The distance from Ha Noi to Can Tho is about 1,877 kilometres. (It) 
4. What is the distance between Hue and Da Nang? (how) 
5. There wasn't much traffic when I was small. (used to) 
6. My uncle drove carelessly some years ago, but now he doesn't. (used to) 
7. The distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau is about 120 km. (It) 
X. Make questions for the underlined parts. 
1. Most of my classmates go to school by bicycle. 
2. It is about three kilometres from my house to the nearest town. 
3. The students are leaning road signs in the schoolyard 
4. There are often traffic jams in the city centre in the rush hour. 
5. My father used to go fishing in the pond near the woods. 
6. Trung usually rides his motorbike very carefully. 
XI. Write the sentences using the words and phrases given. 
1. We/ used/ school / foot. 
2. It /about / 30 km/ my town/ Ha Long Bay/. 
3. My family/ used/ go / holiday / seaside / summer/. 
4. How/ long / it / take/ you/ Ha Noi / Sa Pa/? 
5. There / used / be / a factory / town centre / but/ it / move/ the/ suburbs/. 
6. You/ must / learn / about / road safety/ before/ riding/ your/ bike/ road/. 
Unit 8 - Films 
Adj: -ing, -ed 
1. This is an______________movie. I was afraid when watching it. FRIGHTEN 
2. I was______________when I saw him dress totally in black. 
3. It is______________to meet you here. SURPRISE 
4. My daughter felt________________at my gift on her birthday. 
5. We are very______________about the upcoming trip on Sunday. EXCITE 
6. How____________this book is! 
7. You look______________. What has made you scared? Don’t worry! TERRIFY 
8. This is the most______________game in the park. 
9. He is a______________man. He is lazy and drunk all day. DISAPPOINT 
10. We are completely______________because of failing the exam. 
11. Are you______________in our new publication? INTEREST 
12. This is the most_______________poem I have ever read. 
13. She felt_____________when hearing that she was turned down for the job. DEPRESS 
14. Failing the interview is_______________. 
15. What an______________actor! He makes the movie wonderful. AMAZE 
16. Were you______________when she appeared suddenly? 
17. I am______________with this work. It is the same everyday. BORE 
18. How______________she is! She is always talking about silly things. 
19. Are you_____________with the result? SATISFY 
20. The work is_____________and I am very happy. 
Adj/ adv: 
1. She smiled_____________when she met him again. HAPPY 
2. You are______________because the train has just left. UNLUCKY 
3. She is a______________student. She learns very____________. HARD 
4. She can type very______________. QUICK 
5. My brother walks______________to avoid making noise. QUIET 
6. My sister can speak English_____________. FLUENT 
Comparative of adj/ adv: 
1. She is______________than me. LAZY 
2. Anna runs_____________than John. SLOW 
3. She works_____________than everyone. HARD 
4. Noone can run_____________than Jack. FAST 
5. My brother draws_____________than me. GOOD 
6. She is______________at English than her sister. GOOD 
Choose the best answer: 
1. She is____________old____________climb the mountain. 
A. very/ to B. enough/ to C. too/ to D. so/ to 
2. It is not_____________to pass the red traffic light. 
A. dangerous B. safe C. safety D. danger 
3. There are many_____________on the street: cars, buses, bikes, motorbikes 
A. vehicles B. transport C. engines D. 
4. She spent all day_____________with her children. 
A. play B. to play C. played D. playing 
5. The central square is______________. It is full of people and noise. 
A. quiet B. peaceful C. crowded D. calm 
6. Your behaviour is_______________. You should not be rude. 
A. disappointing B. disappointed C. disappoint D. 
7. If we walk, we should go on the___________. 
A. street B. pavement C. traffic light D. road 
8. “One-way street”, “No parking” are___________. 
A. road signs B. means of transport C. traffic rules D. mistakes 
9. He sings___________. Nobody wants to listen to his voice. 
A. bad B. badly C. well D. good 
10. He runs___________than me. 
A. more faster B. more fastly C. more fast D. faster 
Fill in each gap with one suitable word: 
I live (1)____________Hanoi. It is (2)___________busy city. The streets (3)___________crowded and there are 
traffic jams in the rush hour. I am sometimes late for school because of the traffic jams. Some people don’t 
(4)___________the traffic rules. They pass the red traffic light, wear no helmetsTherefore, sometimes there 
Word form: 
1. The children were_____________by the stories about ghosts. FRIGHTEN 
2. It is____________to use gun without permission. LEGAL 
3. Be____________! A car is coming! CARE 
4. Have you got______________license? DRIVE 
5. Stop in front of the zebra______________when the traffic light turns into red. CROSS 
Put question for the underlined part of each sentence: 
1. It is 10 kilometers from here to ACB bank. 
2. I have known Marie for nine years. 
3. Yes, they used to be friends at the university. 
4. Sarah left two hours ago. 
5. She is watching Tom and Jerry. 
Choose the best answer: 
1. _____________this movie is entertaining, not many people like it. 
A. Because B. Although C. Because of D. Despite 
2. _____________getting up early, I still missed the bus. 
A. Despite of B. Although C. In spite of D. Because of 
3. I decided to quit this job_____________the low salary. 
A. because of B. despite C. because D. although 
4. They canceled the match_____________it rained heavily. 
A. because of B. because C. although D. in spite of 
5. _____________the difficulty, they tried to finish all their tasks. 
A. because of B. because C. although D. in spite of 
6. Are you a__________runner? No. I run___________. 
A. fast/ slow B. fastly/ slowly C. fast/ slowly D. fast/ slow 
7. How do you think about my new book? – I find it___________. 
A. excited B. excite C. excitingly D. exciting 
8. This is a____________movie. It makes me laugh a lot. 
A. hilarious B. boring C. disappointing D. frightening 
9. This movie is about the war between the planets in the space. It is a___________movie. 
A. romantic B. comedy C. documentary D. sci-fi 
10. Please get____________the bus. We have finished our journey. 
A. on B. of C. off D. up 
Rewrite sentences: 
1. Although I have a lot of money, I am not very satistied. DESPITE 
2. Although it rained, they still go fishing. IN SPITE OF 
3. Although she works hard, she doesn’t get good results. DESPITE 
4. Although he is a singer, he sings badly. IN SPITE OF 
5. Although the exercise is difficult, she can do it easily. DESPITE 
Cloze test: 
There are many (1)_______of films: romance, comedy, science fiction, documentary, horror, action My favourite is 
romantic films, for (2)_______, Titanic, The Notebook, Notting Hill They are meaningful about life and love. 
Sometimes they are (3)________and make me cry. I am also interested (4)________docmentaries. They give me 
interesting knowledge. 
1. A. types B. movies C. forms D. watches 
2. A. such as B. character C. example D. actor 
3. A. funny B. gripping C. strange D. moving 
4. A. on B. in C. of D. with 
Practice makes perfect. 
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