Bài tập Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 (Thí điểm)

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 (Thí điểm)
I Fill each blank with “but, so, and, or” where appropriate.
1/ To stay healthy, you get more food.you eat less high-fat food.
2/ The boy is able to learn English, .he is very lazy.
3/ He didn't attend the lesson,.he could not do his homework.
4/ The rice is 6000 dong per kilo. the apples are 600 dong per kilo, too.
5/ Wear a hat..you’ll get sunburnt.
6/ It is very late now,..she is still at her office.
7/ It was midnight,..they closed the restaurant and went home.
8/ He had written to her many times, .she didn't give any reply,. they had been out of touch ever since
9/ We discussed the issue all day, we could not come to a final conclusion.
10/ It started to rain hard;.. we decided to stay at home to watch TV.
II Use the words in the box to fill in the text. You can use one word more than one.
a little, much, a lot of, more, less, many
Why do Janpanese people live longer?
The everage life span of the Janpanese is 78 for males and 85 for females, the longest in the world.
The main secret lies in their food. The Janpanese eat (1)tofu, which is made from soybeans. Tofu contains (2).vegetable protein, calcium and Vitamin B. It doesn’t contain (3).fat and it doesn’t provide (4).calories.
Seafood like fish and vegetables play an important role in their diet, too. They cook the seafood with (5)......cooking oil and less time. For each meal, they have (6)dishes on the table than us but they eat only (7).of everything, never stuffing themselves.
Janpanese people also work very hard and do (8)exercise. This help them burn the calories off easily
III. Choose the best answer
1 Ann (hates, hate) playing games. She doesn’t (like, likes) playing volleyball. 
2 Mr Brown (enjoys, enjoy) reading books a lot. He (likes, like) reading stories, too.
3 We (like, likes) playing table tennis. They (like, likes) playing table tennis, too.
4 I (dislike, dislikes) eating durians but I (like, likes) eating mangoes a lot.
5 They (hate, hates) cleaning the foor but we (love, loves) cleaning the floor
6 I don’t (likes, like) people shouting at me. She doesn’t (like, likes) people shouting at her, either.
7 I love (meet, meeting) people. He (loves, love) meeting people, too.
8 Tom doesn’t (minds, mind) working at night. They don’t (mind, minds) working either.
9 She doesn’t (like, likes) singing very much. He (dislkes, dislike) singing, either
10 I dislike (spending, spend) money on such a ridiculous thing.
11 He detests (being, be) late. They don’t (like, likes) being late, either
 12 She can’t (bear, bears) being alone but he can (bear, bears) being alone
13 I enjoy (being, be) alone. Thanh doesn’t (enjoy, enjoys) being alone.
14 He’s not very fond of (doing, do) the housework.
15 He’s not a great fan of (swimming, swim).
16 Horse-(riding, ride)  isn’t really his hobby.
17 She  (hates/hate) celery(cần tây) . She (dislikes, dislike) eating fish, either.
18 He quite likes (watching/ watch) movies at home.
19 I like (going/go) out with my friends.
20 Do you (like, likes) playing games? Yes, I do. Does he (like, likes) playing sports? Yes, he does.

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