Bài tập Tiếng anh lớp 7 - Revision (Unit 12-13-14 )

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Bài tập Tiếng anh lớp 7 - Revision (Unit 12-13-14 )
REVISION ( UNIT 12-13-14 )
I. Circle the best answer:
It’s hot. I like ------------ now. A. swim B. to swim C. swimming D. swims
Would you like to play table tennis? _ ------------------ . I have to do my homework.
 A. I’d love to B. That sounds good. C.OK D. I’m sorry. I can’t.
What are you going to do this weekend? _ -------------------------- .
 A. I’m playing soccer. C. I’m going to the movies.
 B. I’m doing my homework. D. I’m going to the zoo.
4. .  kinds of programs do you like best? - Sports (A. Why B. What C. Where D. How)
They like bananas and they like grapes, -------- A.too B.so C.either D.neither
I’m thirsty. _ ---------------- is she. A.So B.Too C.Either D.Neither
Ba is a skillful volleyball player and Nam is, .. (A. so B. too C. either D. neither)
Did you wash the spinach, Nam? A.Yes, he did. B.Yes, you did. C.No, I didn’t. D.No, you didn’t.
I prefer pork ------------ beef. A.on B.at C.to D.for
He always answers the teacher’s question .. (A. quick B. quickly	C. too quick	D. very quick)
There is a detective movie ------------ at Fansland Theater. A.in B.on C.to D.from
------------ the spinach carefully. A.Wash B.To wash C.Washes D.Washing
Pop music is the short ..of “ popular music”. (A. form	B. kind	C. type	D. way)
Did you do your homework last night? _ ------------------ . I watched TV.
 A.Yes, I did. B.Yes, you did. C.No, you didn’t. D.No, I didn’t.
Lan’s sister is a --------- swimmer. A.good B.well C.slowly D.quickly
Most of the world’s surface is . (A. milk	 B. coffee	C. land	D. water)
I ate spinach, but my Mom and Dad ------------ . A.do B.don’t C.did D.didn’t
18. Nam ate bread and eggs for breakfast. .. I. (A. So did B. So do C. So will D. So am) 
What ------------------ do you like ? _ I like cartoons.
 A.kinds of food B.kinds of drinks C.kinds of meat D.kinds of films
He prefers playing soccer to ----------books . A.read B.reads C.to read D.reading
Most of the world’s surface is . (A. milk	 B. coffee	C. land	D. water)
I don’t like carrots. _ -------------. A.I do, too. B.So do I. C.Neither I do. D.I don’t, either.
Miss Chi is overweight. She should ------------------ .
 A.run every day. B.study harder C.eat more sugar D. eat more meat.
Lan has a toothache. She ought to see a ------- . A.dentist. B.doctor C.nurse D.worker
The pineapples aren’t ripe, and .. are the bananas.(A. so B. neither	 C. too D. either) 
------ and play table tennis. _ I’d love to. A.Come B.To come C.Comes D.Coming
27. There is a detective movie .. at Fansland Theater. (A. in B. on C. to D. from)
28. Son: Can I watch TV now, Mom?
 Mom: No, you can’t. You ------------------ finish your dinner, first.
 A.can B.should C.ought to D.must
29. Don’t eat -------candy .It’s not good for your health. A.a little B.too much C.a lot of D.lots of
30. My friend prefers watching video . to music. (A. to listening B. than listening C. to listen	D. for listening)
II. Complete the sentences with “so, too, either or neither”:
Hoa and Nga didn’t go to the library and Nam ----------------.
My sister likes chocolates and --------------------- I.
Mr. Tam will come to the party tonight and his wife -------------------- .
I’m not a doctor and ------------------- he.
He can speak Chinese. ------------------ I.
His father doesn’t drink wine and -------------------------- his brother.	
III. Complete the sentences with “do,does, don’t,doesn’t, did, didn’t”:
1. My mother didn’t wash it. I ----------------- .
2. I don’t like mangoes, but Hoa ----------------- .
3. Nam likes durians, but I ----------------- .
4. We don’t eat plenty of cereals, but they ----------------.
5. He didn’t do morning exercise yesterday, but she -------------------- .
6. Ba eats sensibly but I ----------------- 
7. I slept very well last night but my mother -------------------
IV. Complete the sentences. Use the past form of the verbs in brackets:
I (see) ----------------- a lot of beautiful fish at Tri Nguyen Aquarium.
They (go) ---------------- to Ha Long for their last summer vacation.
My friend (take) ------------------- me to see Tay Phuong Pagoda.
We (not speak) ----------------- to American tourists.
She (receive) --------------- a lot of gifts on her birthday.
He (not return) ----------------- to America for a short visit
My mom (buy) ------------------ me a lovely doll.
My father (not be) --------------- in Ha Noi last month.
They (be) -------------------- happy in Viet Nam in spring festival?
He (send) -------------------- letters to his parents?
They soccer yesterday ( not play )
Are you scared of. the dentist? ( see)
 13. Thirty years ago, very few people (have)....................................TV sets.
You must (wash) . the spinach carefully
V. Complete the following sentences in such a way that it meanings nearly the same as the one above:
You should wash your hands before meals.
You ought ---------------------------------------------------------- .
2. My mother likes walking better than cycling
à My mother prefer ---------------------------------------------------
3. They like to travel to Nha Trang on their vacation.
àThey enjoy -----------------------------------------------------------
She ought to see a dentist.
She should ---------------------------------------------------------- .
5. You should not watch TV too late.
à You ought -----------------------------------------------------------
6. Michael Jordan is a skillful basketball player.
Michael Jordan plays --------------------------------------------- .
8. My father is a safe driver.
My father drives --------------------------------------------- .
9. Come and play chess with me, Minh.
Would you like --------------------------------------------------- .
10. Why don’t we go to the movies this week ?
àWhat about -------------------------------------------------------
VI. Read the passage and answer the questions.
Nowadays, there is a TV set in every home. People watch TV every day, and some people watch it from morning until night. Americans watch TV about 28 hours a week. But is TV good or bad for you? People have different answers. Some say that there is a lot of violence on TV today, the programs are terrible and people don’t get any exercise because they only sit and watch TV. Others think that TV programs bring news from around the world, help you learn many useful things, especial children. Thanks to TV, people learn about life in other countries, and it helps people relax after a long day of hard work.
Is TV very popular today? Why? ...
How many hours do Americans watch TV a day? .
Why don’t some people like watch TV? ...
What does TV bring to you? ..
What do you learn from TV? .

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