Bài tập Tiếng Anh 4 - Unit 10: Where were you yesterday - Test 2

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh 4 - Unit 10: Where were you yesterday - Test 2
(Test 2)
Ex 1: Fill in the blank with WAS or WERE:
1.	The teacher  nice.
2.	The students . very clever.
3.	One student .. in the classroom.
4.	We .. sorry for him.
5.	He . tall and thin.
6.	I .. happy.
7.	You .. at the zoo this morning.
8.	She  in London last week.	
9.	He  on the beach last weekend.
10.	It . Cold yesterday.
11.	We . at school.
12.	You  at school this morning.
13.	They  at home last night.
14.	The cat .. in the garden.
15.	The children .. at the zoo.
16.	Kien.. at school this morning.
Ex 2: Put the word in correct order:
the/ basketball/ they/ playing/ are/gym/ in/.
yesterday/ beach/ they/ were/ on/ the/ afternoon/.
Where/ yesterday/ Linda/ was/ morning/?
the/ in/ flowers/ the/ morning/ watered/ I /.
evening/ the/ I / TV/ watched/ in/.
did/ do/ night/ what/ she/ last/? 
was/ the/ Tuan/ at/ zoo/.
this/ painted/ mask/ we/ a/ nice/ afternoon/.
evening/ piano/ the/ did/ you/ yesterday/ play/?
this/ TV/ Mai/ brother/ and/ her/ watched/ morning/.
Ex 3: Choose the correct answer:
They are (paint/ paiting/ paints/ painted) a nice picture in the classroom.
What did you (do/ doing/ did/ does) yesterday morning?
Was she english? – Yes, she (isn’t/ is/ was/ wasn’t)
My mother can (plays/ play/ playing/ played) the piano very well.
The teacher (is/ was/ are/ am) reading a dictation for the class.
Mai and Kien (watch/ are watching/ watches/ watched) a video last night.
Mai (gets up/ got up/ getting up/ get up) late this morning.
(What/ Who/ Where/ How) natioanlity is Hakim?
He is (English/ England/ France/ America).
I (am making/ makes/ maked/ made) a paper puppet with my friends.
Ex 4: Read and match:
What nationality is Tom?
They are doing their homework.
Did they play chess?
It’s the ninth of December.
Do you like Physical Education?
I’m in the music room.
Where were you yesterday?
No, they didn’t.
Where are you Linh?
He’s American.
What’s the date today?
Yes, I do.
What subjects do you have today?
I was at home with my parents.
What are Kien and Nam doing?
English, Vietnamese and Maths.
Ex 5: Find and correct the mistake:
I am Ha Noi. I’m Vietnamese.	
Where is she? – She is Linda.	
I play football with my friends yesterday afternoon.	
At the yellow table, the girls are paint a paper plane.	
Today is Monday, the eight of March.	
I like listen to music in the evening.	
Where are you last weekend?	
What are she doing?	
Linda’s read a text and Mai’s writing a dictation.	
Mai and Peter are stand next to the door.	
My favourite subjects is IT and Literature.	
In school, she has Maths, Vietnamese, English, and Science.	
Lam study at Hoa Hong Primary School.	
I have a new kite. Let’s flying it.	
My grandparents like ride watch TV.	
Her hobby are taking photographs.	
My mother can likes cooking very much.	
My school is in Street Tay Son.	
Her birthday is in the February.	
Ex 6: Read and answer the questions:	
Dear Peter
I’m Minh. Yesterday was fun and relaxing. I got up late. In the morning, I cleaned my room. In the afternoon, I watered the flowers in the garden. Then I did my homework. In the evening, I cooked dinner. After dinner I chatted online with my friend, Hung. We talked about our favourite films. At 10 o’clock I went to bed. What did you do yesterday?
Did Minh get up early yesterday?	
What did he do in the morning?	
What did he do in the afternoon?	
Was he at the zoo yesterday afternoon?	
Did he cook dinner yesterday?	
What did Minh and hung talk about?	
Ex 7: Read and match:
Her homework
A mask
A song
My hair
The flowers
A video
To music
To bed 
A text
A paper boat
Ex 8: Write the date:
Mon, Apr 9th:	
Sun, Dec 21st :	
Tue, Jan 16th :	
Wed, Mar 30th :	
Thu, Sep 2nd :	
Fri, May 23rd :	
Sat, Oct 31st 	

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