Bài tập Sách Mai Lan Hương Lớp 12 - Test yourself F

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Bài tập Sách Mai Lan Hương Lớp 12 - Test yourself F
Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.
a. establish 	b. educate 	c. regional 	d. operate
a. labor 	b. country 	c. promote 	d. women
a. represent 	b. intensive 	c. domestic 	 d. employment
a. minister 	b. dependent 	c. encourage 	d. agreement 
a. social 	b. proportion 	c. industry	 	d. easily
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.
More and more women have become _______ and do research on many fields as men do.
a. science 	b. scientific 	c. scientifically 	d. scientists
It is __ that changes women's lives and the perception of women's roles.
a. educate 	b. education	 	c. educational 	d. educated
They are designing a new program to help businesswomen with an attempt to promote _______ growth.
a. employ 	b. employer 	c. employee 	 d. employment
UNESCO was established to encourage _______ among nations in the areas of education, science, culture, and communication.
a. employment 	b. collaboration 	c. workforce d. independence
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), was established in 1946.
a. set up 	b. taken off 	c. put away 	d. run up
More and more women are now joining the paid labor force worldwide.
a. putting away from 	b. keeping up with
c. taking part in 	d. making room for
UNESCO hopes to encourage universal respect for justice, laws, human _______, and fundamental freedoms.
a. rights 	b. projects 	c. programs 	d. protests
UNESCO has its _______ in Paris, France, and operates educational, scientific, and cultural programs and exchanges from 60 field offices worldwide.
a. shelters 	b. houses 	c. homes 	d. headquarters
UNESCO has international cooperation agreements to secure the world's cultural and natural heritage and to _______ human rights.
a. collaborate 	b. exchange 	c. preserve 	d. remain
The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized _______ of the United Nations established on November 16, 1945.
a. office 	b. agency 	c. company 	d. enterprise
Women's rights have given them an _______ to pursue high schooling and well-paid career.
a. agency 	b. employment 	c. access 	d. economy
About 1.3 billion people live in absolute poverty on_______ income of less than one US dollar a day. 70% of these people are women.
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
Women's rights became _______ important issue in the English speaking world.
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
____ the office staff learned about Jones's promotion, they threw her a party.
a. Before 	b. When 	c. By the time 	d. Since
John has not phoned us _______ he left the city.
a. after 	b. until 	c. since 	d. as
David was crossing the street _______ a truck turned round at the corner and nearly hit him.
a. by the time 	b. as far as 	c. till 	d. when
As soon as Mary _______, she _______ to her hometown.
a. graduates / will return 	b. will graduate / returns
c. will be graduating / has returned 	d. graduated / had returned
Stay here _______.
a. since I came back 	b. until I come back
c. when I will come back 	d. as soon as I was coming back
I _______ all the preparations before you _______ home tonight.
a. have made / will have come 	b. am making / came
c. will make I will come 	d. will have made / come
Don't be so childish. It is time you _______ up.
a. did 	b. went 	c. grew 	d. brought
Arotmd100millionchildren have no access to primary education, and girls _______ up 60%.
a. make 	b. put 	c. take 	d. go
Women bear more than half of all work done.
a. give up 	b. put away 	c. keep on 	d. take up
The number of women living in poverty has risen by 50% since 1970, the number of men by 30%.
a. stayed on 	b. gone up 	c. kept away 	d. cooled off
One study found that men's contribution _______ housework has doubled over the past four decades.
a. on 	b. to 	c. with 	d. for
Men have tripled the time they spend caring _______ their children at the present time.
a. for 	b. against 	c. on 	d. with
Error Identification.
Although men may know more about diapering babies and vacuuming 
 A B
floors than his father did, but women are still doing most of housework 
and child rearing 
When men and women are asked who is spending long hours cleaning 
 A B
and tidy up, women are still far ahead of men.
 C D
In 2006, 87.9 per cent of men said they shared housework from their 
 A B C
wives, up from 84.4 per cent in 1996.
The proportion of women spend 30 hours a week or more on unpaid 
 A B C
housework fell to 19.8 per cent in 2006 from 24.6 per cent in 1996.
According to a 2005 report from Statistics Canada, men spent 2.5 
 A B
hours a day on unpaid work around the house, as soon as women 
 C D 
averaged 4.3 hours.
Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
A trend in women's change in attitude to work and home life roles has launched because more and more women begin to feel the stress and exhaustion when they play multiple roles.
The image for women of the 1950s was the domesticated housewife and mother who cooked, cleaned, and sewed. The vogue woman of today is proud while possessing the role as career woman and mother, wife, and domestic organizer. Yet, the main thing that has really changed for the modern woman is the fact that her workload has doubled from the duality of her role. The effects of this duality are being felt through stress, and unfairness.
A recent study has shown that that 68% of women see a conflict between working and raising a family. It is no wonder since large amounts of stress stem from a woman's professional career in collaboration with her role as housekeeper and mother. A study in 1997 by the Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology found said, "Stress appears to be strongly related to being employed outside found said, "Stress appears to be strongly related to being employed outside the home and is more strongly felt by women working more hours, especially those working full-time." The 2001 U.S. Current Population Survey found that many women wish to have fewer office hours. More and more women want to cut work hours because they find it difficult to take care of household responsibilities while maintaining a career. The Female Lifestyle Survey of Great Britain 2004 found that 86% of full time working women did most of the housework and 77% did most of the child rearing, which; has made them quite exhausted.
The text is about _______.
a. women's difficulties when they have to work both outside and at home
b. women's stress caused by her children
c. women's exhaustion caused by her boss
d. women's preference of multiple roles
Being both a career woman and domestic organizer makes women ____
a. happy and independent 	b. proud and exciting
c. vogue and wonderful 	d. stressed and exhausted
Which idea is not referred in the text?
a. There have been several studies' and surveys on women and their roles.
b. Many women realize a conflict between working and raising a family.
c. All women can do well with their roles both at home and at work.
d. Stress stems from a woman's professional career and her roles as a housekeeper and mother.
The writer _______.
a. advised women to quit their jobs and stay at home for childrearing
b. described the situations that working women suffered from stress and exhaustion
c. conducted several surveys on women and their work
d. objected to the fact that women worked outside the home
Women _______.
a. want to have less work hours 
b. want to have more work hours
c. do not want to do housework any more 
d. do not want to join social activities
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
UNESCO's purpose is to contribute to peace and 'security by promoting international (41) _____, through education, science, and culture in (42) _____ to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and the human rights and fundamental freedoms.
UNESCO has 193 Member States and 6 Associate Members. The organization is (43) _____ in Paris, with over 50 field offices and many specialized institutes and centers throughout the world. There are also national and regional offices. UNESCO (44) _____ its objectives through five major programs': education, natural sciences, social and human sciences; culture, and communication and information. Projects sponsored by UNESCO include literacy, technical, and teacher-training programs; international science programs; the promotion of independent media and freedom of the press; regional and cultural history projects, the promotion of cultural diversity; international cooperation agreements to (45) _____ the world cultural and national heritage and to (46) _____ human rights.
The General Conference is a gathering of the organization's member states and associate members, in which each state has one vote. Meeting every two years, the members (47) _____ general policies and defines programs for the organization. The Director-General, who serves as the public face of UNESCO, is elected for a four-year (48) _____ by the General Conference. The staff currently numbers some 2100. Two-thirds of them are based in Paris, with the (49) _____ third spread around the world in UNESCO's 58 field, offices. The Secretariat is divided (50) _____ various administrative offices and five program sectors that reflect the organization's major areas of focus.
a. collaboration 	b. diversity 	c. conservation 	d. destruction
a. work 	b. result 	c. order 	d. requirement
a. done 	b. based 	c. put 	d. committed
a. catches 	b. runs 	c. chases 	d. pursues
a. protest 	b. secure 	c. follow 	d. eliminate
a. destroy 	b. ruin 	c. preserve 	d. exchange
a. set	 	b. work 	c. gain 	d. employ
a. tournament 	b. round 	c. term 	d. finish
a. amount 	b. total 	c. remaining 	d. leaving
a. from 	b. for 	c. out off 	d. into
Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
a. social 	b. educate 	c. country 	d. electronic
a. movement 	b. Iose 	c. who 	d. women
a. labour 	b. famous 	c. honour 	d. our
a. technical 	b. change 	c. much 	d. exchange
a. prime 	b. service 	c. society 	 d. childbearing
Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning to the original one.
Thanks to labor-saving devices, women have more time to take part in _______ activities.
a. society 	b. social 	c. socially 	d. socialize
American women live more _______ than women in Asian countries.
a. dependent 	b. independence 	c. independent d. independently
Getting good education and making money themselves have given women more _______.
a. free 	b. freely 	c. freed 	d. freedom
Women in _______ employment earn around 75% of that earned by men.
a. doubted 	b. reserved 	c. paid 	d. economic
In several regions of the world, the _______ of men is 5%higher than that of women.
a. amount 	b. number 	c. account 	d. status
_______ industries or methods of making things involve a lot of workers.
a. Service 	b. Joining 	c. Social 	 d. Labor-intensive
In our area, women make up 60% of the unskilled _______.
a. workforce 	b. access 	c. status	d. number
Paid employment has undoubtedly brought economic and social gains to many women.
a. easily 	b. freely 	c. independently 	d. certainly
Many women have been _______ for their works and research.
a. illegal 	b. agreed 	c. dependent 	d. famous
Many decades ago, medicine was _______ for men only. Women were not allowed to pursue a career in medicine.
a. exchanged 	b. established 	c. reserved 	 d. encouraged
The __ of women in the profession staff of our university has risen to 17.3%.
a. proportion	b. most 	c. sum 	d. total
Since the middle of the 20th century, women have had more opportunities to get high _______ education.
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
Women can use _______ effective birth-control method to delay having children.
a. a 	b. an 	c. the 	d. Ø
I had drunk a cup of coffee _______ I went to work.
a. before 	b. until 	c. since 	d. as soon as
Mary is going to look for a job _______ she finishes high school.
a. once 	b. since	c. till 	d. whenever
Don't say anything _______ you are asked.
a. after 	b. no sooner 	c. until 	d. as long as
_______ in London, we will have sat on the bus for 10 hours.
a. When we will arrive 	b. As we are going to arrive
c. By the time we arrive 	d. By the time we will arrive
Peter _______ for thirty minutes before Mary arrived. 
a. would be waiting 	b. has been waiting 
c. had been waiting 	d. was waiting
_______ on the stairs than the phone rang.
a. Had no sooner I stepped 	b. Had I stepped no sooner
c. No sooner I had stepped 	d. No sooner had I stepped
It is so hot. Let's go swimming to _______ off.
a. cool 	b. make 	c. give 	d. stay
My grandfather is quite deaf so you will have to _______ up when you are telling him something.
a. catch 	b. keep	 	c. take 	d. speak
Don't wait _______ for me. I may be home -very late tonight. 
a. of 	b. on 	c. at 	d. up
Mary had a serious fever, missed school and fell _______.
a. up 	b. off 	c. behind 	d. after
When I was crossing the street, I caught sight of an old friend of mine in a restaurant.
a. saw 	b. waved 	c. hit 	d. watched
She decided to give up her job to stay at home and take care of her little son.
a. carry 	b. quit 	c. apply 	d. continue
Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.
_______, according to the 1996 census.
a. As many as Canadian women who did most of the housework and childcare
b. Because there were Canadian women doing most of the housework and childcare
c. Canadian women were doing most of the housework and childcare
d. They were Canadian women doing most of the housework and childcare
Even women working full-time outside the home
a. where they were doing most of the housework
b. when they were doing most of the housework
c. they were doing most of the housework
d. were doing most of the housework
The survey said that _______. Only eight per cent of men reported 30 hours of duty.
a. 24.6 per cent of women did at least 30 hours of housework every week
b. with 24.6 per cent of women who did at least 30 hours of housework every week
c. there was 24.6 per cent of women did at least 30 hours of housework every week
d. every week there was 24.6 per cent of women did at least 30 hours of housework
Among women who worked full time, _______. Among men who worked full time, the number was 23 per cent.
a. 51 per cent said they spent 15 hours or more doing household chores every week
b. up to 51 per cent said they spent 15 hours or more when they did household chores every week
c. every week the women of 51 per cent said they spent 15 hours and more
for doing household chores .
d. 51 per cent of women spent more than 15 hours when doing household chores every week
According to the survey, women _______ often suffered from stress and melancholy.
a. they chose to remain at home and took care of their children
b. who chose to remain at home to take care of their children
c. chose to remain at home for taking care of their children
d. when choosing to remain at home to take care of their children
Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
One of the most important factors arising from the feminist movement is the recognition that women, should get equal pay for equal work, to see them as contributors and valued members of society. Today, women are protected by the Sex Discrimination Act; however, inequality still persists. It also reveals that the changing role of women in society by means of education as a way to promote themselves to the level of their expertise is not working as effectively as it should.
In most fields of employment women's presence is felt and their voice is heard. Although there has been progress in understanding the value of women's contributions in many employment fields, there are still huge problems to resolve. Persistence of gender inequalities show that the proportion of women in top jobs is minimal compared to the entire women's task force.
Even in the best qualified jobs women suffer the discrimination of being underpaid. So, what is the problem? Nowadays many women are qualified for the career they have trained for, yet it seems that only a small minority finds its way to the top. Are we back to the old theme of women raising children? Time devoted to them and the home does not permit a total devotion to a .top job. The majority of women who are successful, either do not have a family or rely heavily on grandmothers. Other women find part-time more accommodating to their need or choice of life.
Thanks to the Sex Discrimination Act, women can get the real equality with men.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Education has changed women's roles quite effectively.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Women who have got the best qualified jobs are always paid as much as men are.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
The value of women's contributions in many employment fields has been recognized.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
All women who do full-time work are very successful in their employment.
a. True 	b. False 	c. No information
Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.
The ongoing changes in society, politics and economy lead to not only the raise of women's role in society but (41) _____ change the prejudice to treat human beings by sex that had been shaping through decades. From a legal point of (42) _____, a man and a woman are born to be (43) _____. However, in practice, there is no real equality for women's active participation in social life. Housework, chores and raising children are generally considered to (44) _____ to a woman's domain. (45) _____ the fact that birthrates in many countries have been falling, children are obstacles in the labor force. It is understandable that women decide to (46) _____ having children later or do not have children at all. Women comprise 54 percent of contemporary society. However, the number of women taking part in the country's political, economic and civic life shows that women are restricted in the fields of politics and government. Women's salaries are on (47) ____ lower than men's, and women are often victims of violence and unemployment. According to United Nations Gender Organization data, 67 percent of those unemployed are women. Women have less (48) _____ to retraining programs than men, (49) _____ for those who are bearing and rearing children. Women's social status is a serious problem. Few women can be found in positions of social importance. This strengthens the stereotype of "male superiority" and hinders the creation of true partnerships between men and women. So, the main goals are protection of women's rights, (50) _____ of discrimination in society, and widening women's participation at regional and national levels.
a. too 	b. also 	c. as well 	d. either
a. vision 	b. look 	c. view 	d. sight
a. equal 	b. equally 	c. equality	 	d. equalize
a. belong 	b. have 	c. own 	d. possess
a. As 	b. If 	c. Even 	d. Despite
a. intend 	b. encourage 	c. desire 	d. delay
a. center 	b. medium	c. average	 d. middle
a. walk	 	b. point 	c. change 	d. access
a. nearly 	b. especially 	c. unexpectedly 	d. appropriately
a. success 	b. elimination 	c. protection 	d. achievement

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