Bài tập Indentify the mistakes

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Bài tập Indentify the mistakes
Neither his parents nor his teacher are satisfied with his result when he was at high school. 
The furniture in my brothers’ houses are very beautiful.
Either the doctor or the nurses takes care of changing the patients’ bandages.
Working provide people with personal satisfaction as well as money.
He borrowed the money from the bank to continued his study.
I remember that I have something new to told you.
Every student who majors in English are ready to participate in the oratorical contest.
The prices of accommodation are as high that many people cannot afford to buy a house.
She left the house in a hurry without to say goodbye to us.
The only good way to getting achievement in learning English is to practise it as frequently as possible.
 His knowledge of foreign languages shall help him in finding a good job.
Peter usually has his car washing at weekends.
All trade between the two countries have to be delayed because of the war.
It is boring when we had nothing to do yesterday evening.
Work on improving industrial disposal methods were begun in the early 1970’s.
The film is such interesting that I have ever seen it for three times.
It is necessary for we to learn a foreign language nowadays.
I would rather doing any job than be out of work.
He had smoked so a lot of cigarettes that he died of cancer.
I don’t think he is in agree with what we are going to do.
In spite of my father is old, he gets up early and does morning exercise.
There is only a few food for dinner. I think you should buy some more to eat.
Although Mary has been in Vietnam for 10 months, she knows a little Vietnamese.
My father used to give me a good advice when I had a problem.
Has the government made a decide to ban the use of chemical weapons yet?
Please give me a few sugar in my coffee. I prefer it sweet.
He has a great deal of books, most of which are on science and technology.
Why have you decided to quit your job and continue your study? I’m tired for work as a secretary.
I was told that you have made a plan to spend your holidays in Ha Long Bay.
In the early days of their development, cars used a large number of fuel, now cars are more economical.
Although the bad traffic, I managed to arrive at the meeting on time.
In my opinion, a most beautiful place in Vietnam is Dalat.
John had made several spelling mistake in his assignment so he did not get good marks.
We have been making prepare for our final examination for two months.
Despite she was in her middle age, she looked very graceful and charming.
Did you say that you will have a lot of things to do the following week?
The workers went on strike because of they thought their wages were low.
Please tell us the reason when he left without saying goodbye.
Unless you work harder, you will be sack because of your laziness.
My only regret is that I did not study English good enough to get a good job.
If there had not been a heavy storm, the climbers will not have died.
She has found that nobody can help her if she did not try her best to do it herself.
Mai told her child not make noise when she was working.
The police is looking for the bank robbers who stole a large sum of money from the bank.
No sooner had he returned from London than he buys a new villa and spent the rest time of his life there.
It has ever been told that teaching is one of the more noble careers.
I have considered asking him raising my salary, but I do not think he can afford to do it.
The mother asked her son if he would have the floor cleaned the day before.
Tom is the best candidate for the position because he is good at computing and who works very hard.
Before to go abroad, he had finished his English course at the English - speaking Centre.
Some students have always complain that they do not have enough money to spend.
There comes my bus! I must go now. Don’t forget giving me a call.
Peter said, “Mary, please forgive me. I have had no intention to hurting your feeling.”
Although his leg was broke, he managed to get out of the train himself.
Peter wished that he has gone to the party last week.
The students had thought that the English test was very difficulty.
I noticed the boy to creep into the house through a hole at the foot of the wall.
Peter is a bit tired. He does not feel like eaten anything.
He advised me considering all the factors before deciding to accept the job.
It is sure human beings will regret to destroy the environment and they obviously have to suffer a lot.
We go to school enriching our mind with knowledge.
It is driving on the left what causes visitors to England the most trouble.
There are many people visit the Pyramids in Egypt every day.
A football match begins with the ball being kicked forwards from a spot in a centre of the field.
Many people have stopped to smoke because they are afraid that it may be bad for their health.
These trees need to water. They look withered because of the lack of water.
Let’s go out for a drink. I suggest staying at home and watch television.
People want to conserve the environment, but they cannot help pollute it.
Efforts to improving the standard of living for human have also resulted in the environmental pollution.
The children was told to apologize for being rude to the brother.
Never before has so many people paid attention to pollution.
We were a bit short in milk so the cake seemed not to be delicious as usual.
The little boy is very interested in football, but he is actually not good for playing.
To reduce pollution, we have to stop to use many things that make our lives comfortable.
It has been said that people was not aware of pollution years ago.
There are many researches show that various species of wild animals have been extinct.
She was waiting nervous in the waiting room for the interview.
At last they found the woman and her cat which were badly injured by the fire.
They have told me some information, most of whom is very useful.
Factories have to treat their wastes so as to they are less harmful to people and our environment.
Until I got enough money, the picture that I wanted had sold.
When we arrived at the station, the train has already left.
The last words when the soldiers said were, “Down with the US Imperialists. Long live Vietnam!”
Do you know the reason when Englishmen travel to the left?
New Year Day is the day where all family members gather together.
Have you finished reading the book which I lend you last week?
The teacher said that Peter had made much mistakes in his essays.
Because of the light, the city seemed differently from the way that I had remembered it.
The boy who had been playing football since 3 hours yesterday afternoon had a bad headache after that.
If had I known you were in financial difficulty, I would have helped you.
Stratford is the town there William Shakespeare, a great English playwright, was born and died.
My car is the less expensive but more economical than yours.
The Vietnamese people are not used to drive on the left side of the road.
Peter is used to doing morning exercise every day, didn’t he?
People from different cultures sometimes do things that makes the others uncomfortable.
Do you know to pronounce this word in American English accent?
The neighbours are having a party. They are making so much noise since 6 o’clock. I cannot sleep.
A nonsmoker usually feels uncomfortably when someone is smoking in his house.
An American woman not always shake hands when she is introduced to a man.
Driving on the left hand side of the road made Lan very surprising when she first visited London.
Most babies will grow up to be as cleverer as their parents.
Those students are trying their best in order that to get the scholarship.
Because it was late, so that he tried to type the contact as fast as possible.
Many bridges in London are covered with wooden roofs so that it can be protected from rain and snow.
Not everyone has realized that the most largest organ of the human body is the skin.
The doctor said that he will use the laser beam to make my birthmark disappear.
Let you and I consider the problems carefully.
The most she tried to remove the stain from her shirt, the worse it looked.
Open the letter from her mother, she feels very happy.
The mother will wait outside the school until her son will finish his examination.
I was walking along the pavement when I realized that there has been a man following me.
The best thing doing now is to stop smoking as soon as possible.
The novel was such interesting that I had read it all night.
I have learnt English for I was 10 years old.
He has just taken a 14 days trip around America recently.

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