Bài tập Chia động từ Lớp 7

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Bài tập Chia động từ Lớp 7
I. Use the verbs in brackets into the present simple tense (HTĐ)
1. I often (get). up at 6.00 a.m.
2. He (wash) clothes every weekend.
3. The sun (rise). in the East and (set) in the West.
4. Mary (think). her brother (not be) lazy.
5. How you (go). to school everyday ?
II. Put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous tense (HTTD)
1. Listen! Someone (play)the piano.
2. They (not write)their diary now.
3. She (do).. her homework at the moment ?
4. Where are you (go)now ? - I (go)to the cinema.
5. Look! The boy (run)very fast.
III. Use the verbs in brackets into the present perfect tense (HTHT)
1. This is the first time he (drive)this car.
2. I (not see).Lan since last month.
3. Jane (buy).. this dress for 2 week, but she (not wear). it yet.
4. How long you (be)there ?
5. It’s the best food I (ever/try)
IV. Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple tense (QKĐ)
1. I (study).Art when I (be)..at primary school.
2. Why he (leave) the party soon last night ?
3. They (spend).their last vacation in HCM city.
4. Nam (move)to HN 10 years ago.
5. She (start)to teach English in 2000 ?
V. Use the verbs in brackets into the past continuous tense (QKTD)
1. What you (do)..at 8p.m. yesterday ?
2. Last Sunday, while I (read)..a book, the phone rang.
3. When she arrived, we (have)..dinner.
4. I (sit).. while Nick (watch). TV.
5. You (cook)when she called ?
VI. Put the verbs in brackets into the past perfect tense (QKHT)
1. The store (not close). by the time I got there.
2. When we got home last night, the children (already/sleep)  ..
3. Before John went out, his mother (give)  him a raincoat.
4. After she (take) a bath, she went to sleep.
5.had You (learn)  English before 2002 ? - No, I
VII. Use the verbs our holidays on the beach.
2. She (travel) by bus tomorrow.
3. Jack (have) a party next weekend.
4. Look at the sky! It (rain) 
5.are They (buy) a new car soon ?
VIII. Put the verbs in brackets into the simple future tense (TLĐ)
1. I (give)  up smoking.
2. Can you give me a hand? - I (help) you.
3. Jill (be) 16 next Saturday.
4. She’s very tired, but she thinks she (not go) to bed.
5. will you (come) this way ?
IX. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (Tổnghợp)
1. My father (work) in this factory for many years.
2. Linh (study) ...medicine. She (be) a doctor.
3. How did you (learn) .to drive? - My father (teach) me.
4. The film (begin) when we (arrive) at the cinema yesterday.
5. What does your sister (do)  in her free time? - She (read). .books, (listen) to music or (watch). TV.
6. Yesterday (be) Sunday so Hoa (not go) to school. She (stay) at home and (do) .her homework.
7. Now he (live) in district 9, in HCM. He (live) ... in HN for 10 years before he (move) to HCM city.
8. We (visit) our grandparents next week. are You (go)..  with us ?
9. Where were you (be) ............while I (work)was workingat the office ?
10. have You (ever/see) that film before ? - No, I 
- So this evening, we (go) to see it.
Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense:
Mr.Tuan always (go)  to work by bus.
We (start)  our new school year last month.
It (not rain) . in the dry season.
Lan (take)  her younger brother to the zoo last Sunday.
I (live)  here since I was born.
They (give)  me the letter a few minutes ago.
When I saw him, he (sit) . asleep in a chair.
What you (do)  at 7 p.m yesterday?
My brother (write)  several plays.
We (learn)  English now.
He (write)  a long novel at present.
Why didn’t you listen while I (speak)  to you?
Where are you? – I’m upstairs. I (have)  a bath.
You (have)  breakfast yet?
My little sister (drink)  milk every day.
The doctor sometimes (return)  home late.
They (have)  lunch in the cafeteria now.
They often (thank)  me for what I do for them.
His uncle (teach)  English in our school five years ago.
They (not go)  to the movies last Sunday.
You (find)  my pen yesterday?
The light (go)  out when we (study) .our lesson.
There (be)  an English class in this room tomorrow evening.
They (paint)  the school gate when we came.
They (build)  a new school in this area next year.
My brother (work)  in this factory for many years.
The children (play)  soccer at 4 o’clock yesterday.
I (see)  Nga at the bus stop every morning.
What you (do)  last night?
It (be) ...often hot in the summer.
My mother went to the supermarket yesterday, but she (not buy) .. anything.
Nam and Ba (play) . soccer at present.
My family (go) .. Da Lat next summer.
I’d like (tell) .. you something about my family.
She needs (eat) .. a lot of vegetables and fruit.
Please don’t make so much noise. I (study)..
The water (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius.
Look! Somebody (climb) up that tree over there.
I (not see) her since last week.
How long you (know) . Tom?
Hoa (burn) her hand when she (cook) ... The dinner.
While we (cross) ..the street, the policeman (shout) ...at us.
What you (do) at this time yesterday?
I hope it (not rain) when we (start) .early tomorrow.
My sister (play) the piano since she (be) .a child.
I (never forget) .what you (just tell) .me.
He (leave) .home two weeks ago and we (not hear) from him since.
She (win) .the gold medal in 2004.
While you (play) ..the guitar, I (write) .a letter.
II. Supply the correct verb form: 
1) What you ..(do) last weekend? 
2) I ( go ) to the theater with my family last weekend. 
3) They ..to Maryam’s farewell party last night. ( not come) 
4) I wish I ..( be ) there with you. 
5) Lan wishes she.. ( speak ) English well. 
6) They wish they.. ( visit ) Ha Noi someday. 
7) They ( be) pen pals for a long time. 
8) I’m used to.. ( drive ) on the left when I live in London. 
9) We used to( write) to each other every month when we ( be) at secondary school. 
10) I wish I (not have to) do a lot of homework
I. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets in the following sentences:
1. He (not see).. his brother recently.
2. I can’t go to the movies with you if it (rain) ... heavily.
3. Lan (take) to school every day when he was a child.
4. Would you mind (show) . me how to send an e- mail?
5. The “Ao dai” (mention). in poems and songs for centuries.
6. What ...your children (do).. when he (come) yesterday?
7. My car (not repair) yet.
8. She (buy)... this house for her son, didn’t she?
9. Where ..you (go) .if you have a car?
10. The children prefer (watch).. TV to (read) .. books.
11. She (not live).with her parents. She (live)..alone.
12. I (stay)with my parents at the moment though I (have)...my own flat.
13. Listen! Someone (knock)..at the door.
14. I hope it (not rain)..when the bride (leave)
15. What time the bus (leave)...for Dave tomorrow? - It (leave)..at 7.45
16. My father (always worry).about us.
17. Everything on the Earth (always change)
18. We (have)a small party next Sunday? Would you like (come)?
19. Look at that car. It ( drive)too fast. It (hit)that cyclist.
20.I bought a fishing rod. I (go)fishing this afternoon.
21. My mother (always forget)..her umbrella at the supermarket.
22. What you (do).tonight?-I don’t know. I (probably stay)....home and watch TV.
23.I hope I (become)..a singer one day.
24. They (visit).me when they (come back)
25. He (take part)in an important meeting next Saturday.
26. A new supermarket ( open )in this town in the future.
27. If he (not phone)us, we won’t tell him the news.
28. He (stay).at home if it (rain).tomorrow.
29. It’s very cold here. You (close)..the window for me, please?
30. A: We’ve run out of sugar. 	B: Alright. I(go)and buy some.
31. The flight to HCM city (leave).Hanoi at 10 and (arrive)there at 11.
32. She sometimes (watch) movies on Sunday.
33. Look! Our teacher (come) She (have)long hair.
34. The children (like). to play in the park.
35. Something (smell)good in the kitchen now.
36. Thanh prefers (listen)to music to (watch)TV.
37. Tomorrow (be) ...................................... Sunday, so I (not go).to school.
38. The boys likes (play)games but hate (do).lesson.
39. Would you like (go) now or shall we wait till the end?
40. We used (dream)of a television set when we (be)small.
41. Would you mind (show)me how (send)an e-mail.
42. If it (rain)tomorrow, we won’t go on a camping trip.
43. If the teacher (give)us some homework, we have to stay home and do it.
44. If her mother (return)home early, she can cook the meal for the family.
45. I (go)to Lan’s party if she invites me.
46. They will pass the exam if they (study)hard.
47. They said that they (will try)their best to do the test.
48. The book (just publish)by Kim Dong publisher.
49. The Brown (travel)to Asia many times.
50. The boys wish their team (not lose)the game.
51. The farmers wish it (not rain)so heavily this season.
52. Ba’s uncle wishes he (get)good crops this year.
53. You ever (be)to India?-Yes. I (be)there twice.
54. She asked me if I (can)speak Chinese.
55. If he (want)..to become a doctor, he must (study).hard.
56. You should practice (listen)to the radio every day.
57. Please call me if the bell (ring)
58. My father wishes he (take part)in the Chess Club.
59. English (speak)in Viet Nam many years ago.
60. You should (do).a lot of grammar exercises if you want (learn)English well.
 II. Use the correct tense:
The teacher will be very angry if you  (not do) your homework.
If he .. (tell) me, I could help him.
If you don’t water the flowers, they  (die).
If you didn’t water the flowers, they (die).
I .. (come) if I had time.
If you don’t hurry, you .. (miss) the bus.
If I  (be) you, I wouldn’t buy that car.
He will play tennis if the weather . (be) good.
I would be very happy if she . (be) my sister.
She could win the race if she . (try).
If he .. (go) to bed early, he will get up early.
If he touches this wire, he .. (get) a shock.
You will get wet if it  (rain).
If I knew, I  (come) earlier.
I wouldn’t say it if I .. (be) you.
What will you do if you  (get) a bad mark?
If she .. (wear) a necklace, her dress will look better.
If you go near the dog, it . (bite) you.
Bodrum  (be) ideal for a holiday if it weren’t so crowded.
He will be ill if he .. (eat) so much.
If she . (read) the book carefully, she will understand it.
The children can stay up late if they .. (be) good.
If the dinner isn’t ready, I .. (go) out.
We would die if the plane .. (crash).

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