Bài tập Câu điều kiện cơ bản

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Bài tập Câu điều kiện cơ bản
MComplete each sentence as either a first conditional or a second conditional sentence using the verb in brackets.
If I _____________ (have) arms five meters long, I _______________ (be able) to reach the top of that shelf!
Don’t worry! You’ve just got a cold. If you _______________ (take) an aspirin, you ________ (feel) better.
Vegetarians believe that if nobody ______________ (eat) meat, everyone ______________ (live) longer.
If I _______________(become) a famous rock star, I ______________ (buy) my parents an enormous house.
It says ‘No Parking’. If you _____________(leave) the car here, the police _______________ (give) you a parking fine.
It’s not far. If you ________________(follow) this path, you ________________(come) to the station.
If people ____________(use) bikes instead of cars, there _______________ (not be) so much pollution.
Actually, Brutus is a very friendly dog. If you ___________ (touch) him, he ____________ (not bite) you.
If you _______________(leave) your books on the desk, I ______________(give) them back to you at the end of the lesson.
If you _____________(live) on the 100th floor of a skyscraper, your friends _______________ (not want) to visit you!
If you _____________ (fall) in the river, your clothes _______________ (get) wet.
If I ___________ (have) a helicopter, I _______________ (fly) to school.
I don’t know the answer. If I ____________(know) the answer, I _____________ (tell) you.
You think there is a chance of catching the bus. If we _________ (run), we _____________ (catch) it!
You’re very busy because you have lots of homework. If I ____________ (have) more free time, I _______________(join) the club.
If I __________ (be) you, I _______________ (leave) now.
What__________________ (you/do) if you _______________(have) wings?
If Rachel ____________ (work) harder, she ________________ (may do) even better at her studies.
If you ______________ (arrive) early, you _______________ (get) a better seat.
If we ____________ (have) a calculator, we _______________ (can work) this out a lot quicker.
MComplete each sentence as either a second conditional or a third conditional sentence using the verb in brackets.
Why didn’t you phone? If I _____________ (know) you were coming, I ________________ (meet) you at the station.
It’s a pity you missed the party. If you ____________ (come), you ________________ (meet) my friends from Hungary.
If we ___________ (have) some tools, we _______________ (be able) to repair the car, but we haven’t got any with us.
If you _______________ (not help) me, I ________________ (not pass) the exam.
I can’t imagine what I ________________(do) with the money if I ____________ (win) the lottery.
If Claire ______________ (listen) to her mother, she _________________(not marry) David in the first place.
If I __________ (be) you, I _______________ (ask) a lawyer for some advice.
If you _____________(plan) things properly, you _________________ (not get) into a mess.
How ___________________(you/feel) if we ______________(offer) you the job of assistant manager?
If you ______________ (invite) me last week, I ________________ (be able to) come.
MMixed conditional
You didn’t plan things at the start, so we are in this mess now.
@ If you	
Mathew didn’t wear a suit to the interview because he isn’t enough sensible.
@ If Mathew	
You woke me up in the middle of the night, so I’m so tired now.
@ If you	
I am in the dark now because I didn’t pay my electricity bill last month.
@ I	
She doesn’t love him, so she didn’t get married with him.
@ She	
They are in trouble because they didn’t save any money.
@ If they	
Without Jack’s help, I wouldn’t be successful now.
@ If	
Brenda stole the money, so she is in prison.
@ Brenda	
Kevin can’t do the test well because he didn’t revise his lessons.
@ If Kevin	
I didn’t go to Ha Long Bay because I have a meeting today.
@ I	
I can’t make a call because I left my cell phone at home.
@ If I	
I am having trouble because I didn’t take your advice.
@	I	

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