Đề cương ôn tập HKI môn Tiếng Anh- Khối 11

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Đề cương ôn tập HKI môn Tiếng Anh- Khối 11
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I. Verb forms: 
 1. Infinitive and gerund. 
 2. Passive infinitive and gerund 
 3. Gerund and present pasticiple 
 4. Perfect gerund and perfect pasticiple 
 II. Tenses: 
1. Present simple 
2. Past simple 
3. Past progressive 
4. Past perfect. 
 III.Conditional sentences : 1. Conditional types 1, 2 and 3 
 2. Conditional in Reported speech 
IV. Reported specch with Gerund 
V. Pronouns: one(s),everyone, anyone, no one, everyone 
I. Complete each sentence using the correct form of the words in brackets 
1. Your flower arrangement makes the table look really ________. ( decorate). 
2. _________, many Vietnamese people return to their hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year. ( tradition) 
3. The mountainous areas are ________ mostly by ethnic groups.( population). 
4. All of his money is _______ deposited in a Swiss bank account ( safe) 
5. The teachers are responsible for the _________ of their students during the field trip. ( safe) 
6. I would like to thank the nurse who was very ________ during my father‟s illness. ( support) 
7 The organizers emphasized that all the people taking part in the research were _________. ( voluntarily) 
8. Many nongovernmental _________ are working to help the Third World countries. ( organize) . 
9. We must limit population _______ because our resources are limited. ( grow) 
10. Air pollution ia an ________ serious problem in many developing countries. ( increase) 
11. Please refrain from talking during the _________. ( perform) 
12. The workers have made _________ to the boss but he just does not seem to be listening.( represent) 
13. Teaching is now a very ________ job; you have to try your best if you want to succeed ( compete) 
14. A __________ from our country will meet you at the airport on your arrival. ( represent) 
15. It‟s difficult for a small grocery store to ______ with a big supermarket. ( competition) 
16. Praise always ________ him to make greater efforts. ( stimulation) 
17. Besides the _______ flowers for Tet such as peach flowers and apricot flowers, the kumquat trees are also 
popular throughout the country.( tradition) 
18. People usually make _________ for Tet several weeks beforehand.( prepare) 
19. The government is making great efforts to promote the family _________ program throughout the country. ( 
20. The final competition included the __________ of three classes. ( represent) 
21.A number of Canadians opposed Canada‟s __________ in foreign war.( participate) 
22. One major ___________ of the area is the lack of public transport.( advantage) 
23. She was not fire. She left the company ____________( volunteer) 
24. A new educational program has been set up for _____________ children. ( advantage) 
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25. My most _________ moment was trying to introduce a woman whose name I couldn‟t remember.( 
26. The two companies are in ____________ with each other.( compete) 
27. One of the most important qualities of friendship is _______ .(selfish) 
28. After retiring, my aunt works as a volunteer for the local _______ .(orphan) 
29. During summer vacations, many Vietnamese students volunteer to work in remote or ______ areas. ( 
30. We are a having a ___________ for my friend because it is her 40th birthday. ( celebrate) 
II. Fill each blank with a suitable word in the box. 
1. Parents should ________ what the children watch on TV. 
2. Can you explain the _______for changing salt water to fresh water? 
3. Some countries are poor because they have very few natural ___________ 
4. There is a(n) __________ of 20 minutes for this short test. 
5. The number of injures from automobiles accidents _________ every year. 
6. On the first days of Tet, people often visit relatives and friends to____________ New Year wishes. 
7. Good friendship should be based on __________ understanding. 
8. Despite many changes in his life, he remained __________ to his working principles. 
9. Teenagers nowadays often have their own ________ who they really love and imitate in different ways. 
10.They held a concert to mark the _______ of Mozart's death. 
Celebrate sympathy glance traditional decreases population incapable support comfort 
1. We all have great __________ for the victims of the flood. 
2. Children has been a great __________ to me through all of this. 
3 . I had a _________ at the article, but I haven't read it yet 
4 I believe that everyone has had __________ experiences in their life. 
5. Let's have a party to __________ your birthday. 
6. Besides the _________ flowers for Tet such as peach flowers and apricot 
7. The number of new students _________ from 210 to 160 this year. 
8. Some scientists say that there are enough resources to ______ 8 billion people. 
9. Scientists say that the main reason for ___________ explosion is an increase in birth rates. 
10 The children seem to be _______of working quietly by themselves. 
III. Complete each sentence using the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 
1. The new students hope (include) in many of the school‟s social activities. 
2 He decided ( disguise) himself by ( dress) as a woman. 
3. I finally finished (cook) at 7.00 p.m and served dinner. 
4 Mary‟s children are used to (pick) up after school every day. 
5. Ann hopes (invite) to join the club. She could make business contacts there. 
 Idols control exchange increases loyal 
 resources method limit anniversary mutual 
Gia sư Thành Được www.daythem.edu.vn 
6. After (walk) for three hours we stopped to let the others ( catch) up with us. 
7. I regret ( inform) you that your application has been refused. 
8. I have no intention of (go) to that film; I couldn‟t bear (see) my favorite actress in such a dreadful part. 
9. I caught him (climb) _____ over my wall. I asked him (explain) _____ but he refused (say) _____ anything, 
so in the end I had (let) _____ him (go) _____. 
10. There was no way of (get) _____out of the building except by (climb) _____down a rope and Ann was too 
terrified (do) _____this. 
11. Alice didn‟t expect (ask) to Bill‟s party.( 
12. It is very unpleasant (wake) _____ up and (hear) _____ the rain (beat) _____on the windows 
13. The mouse family avoided ( catch) by coming out only when the house was empty and two cats were 
14. I prefer (drive) _____ to (be driven) _____. 
15. It‟s no use (tell) him He isn‟t interested. 
16. Ask him (come) _____in. Don't keep him (stand) _____at the door. 
17. We managed ( buy) the car that we wanted. 
18. They would really like (visit) the art gallery on Friday. 
19. I can‟t afford ( have) a holiday abroad. 
20. She finally decided (quit) the job. 
21 The company seems ( make) good progress this year. 
22 Jane is looking forward to (spend) three weeks in Japan. 
23 It‟s not worth (queue) for the tickets because you can book them by telephone. 
24. Her aunt remembers (see) the first car in her village 
25. He spent all morning (sit) in that café reading magazines 
26. He needs ( work) harder if he wants ( make) progress 
27 The grass is very long. It needs ( cut) 
28. He stops ( drive) because he was sleepy. 
29 Don‟t forget (invite) him for coffee when you see him 
30 Please forgive me. I didn‟t mean ( upset) you. 
IV. Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same: 
1. The man bumped into a woman and snatched her handbag. 
→I watched 
2. . Someone walked into the room and I felt it.→I felt 
3. He learned to drive when he was eighteen. 
 →He has. 
4. He started investigating the case a week ago. 
→He has 
5. The boy asked his mother‟s permission and then went out to play Use Having + past participle.) 
6. It is forbidden to walk on the grass. 
7. Since I had not seen him for ages, I didn‟t recognize him. .(Use Having + past participle.) 
8. A good way of keeping fit is to swim everyday. 
9. . You are not allowed to smoke here 
.→ Smoking. 
10. . I told him off. Then I realized I was wrong. 
-> After. 
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11. Jimmy got into his car and drove away. I saw this. 
→ I saw 
12. . I enjoy going by train. It was safer. 
13. . Long gave me 50,000 dong. It was very generous. 
14. This coffee is so hot that I can‟t drink it. 
→ This coffee is too 
15. 'It was nice of you to invite me to your birthday party. Thanks very much.' 
→Mike thanked .................................................................................................... 
16. 'I must have made a mistake in the calculations." 
→Mr Forest admitted ............................................................................. 
17. 'I'll pay for the meal.' 
→Sarah insisted ............................................................................................................ 
18. 'Perhaps we can go to Paris for the weekend.' 
→Neil suggested .......................................................................................................... 
19. “ I‟m sorry I didn‟t phone you earlier,” Margaret said to you. 
→Margaret apologied. 
20. “ You didn‟t do what I said,” The mother said to the son. 
→The mother accused 
21. They wanted to buy the house, but they didn‟t have enough money. 
- If . 
22. She didn‟t hurry, so she missed the train. 
- If  
23. World population will continue to rise if we do not try to reduce it. 
- Unless  
24. We must go or we‟ll be late. 
25. „ If you give me some wire, I'll hang that picture for you,' said my son. 
→My son said that .. 
26. .“If I were you, I wouldn‟t behave like this,Long”, said Nga 
27. Mrs. Mai said, "You can come and stay with me if you are ever in London". 
28. If I were you,I wouldn‟t do that. 
29. If it rains tonight, I will stay at home 
30. If they had confirmed by phone, the airline could have warned them. 
V. Build complete sentences with the given words: 
1. It/difficult/Ann/eat/Chinese food/when was/China.→.. 
2. After/Mr Hanh/finish/work /went/home.→. 
3. He/prefer/read/book/to/go/cinema.→. 
4. It/very/kind/you/help/family.→. 
5. Lan and Mai/know each other/many years.→.. 
6. If it / rain heavily tomorrow, I / stay / home / read books. 
Gia sư Thành Được www.daythem.edu.vn 
7. I think we / set up / English speaking club because many students / difficulty / learning English. 
8. . If she / free time next week, she / take / course / dancing. 
9. She apologized / behave / so bad / me.→ 
10. This man dreamed / have / house / the city.→ 
VI/ Give the correct form of the verb in the brackets: 
1. If you hadn't watched that late film last night, he (feel/ not) . sleepy now. 
2. She won‟t be able solve the maths if she (not/ listen) . carefully to the teacher‟s explanation. 
3. If the sun (rise)  in the West, I (call) .. you grandfather! 
4. If you had done as I told you, you (succeed)  
5. "Thank you for your help." "If you ..................... (want) more information, call again tomorrow." 
6. Where you (go) .............. if you (have) . free time now? 
7. If you (drink) ............. less last night, you (not, be) ........... too drunk. 
8. If I were her, I (not, behave) .............. so foolishly yesterday. 
9. I (take) ............. part in the last competition if I (know) ............. that you didn‟t participate. 
10. If she (be) . there last night, you would have seen her. 
11. If she (not, decide) .................. to change a job last year, she (go) ............ to China next month. 
12. If he (know) . how to use a computer, he could find a job. 
13. If Bob (not, study)  too lazily, he (pass) . the last exam easily. 
14. If you had worked harder, you (not, fail) .. in your final exam. 
15. If you want to learn a musical instrument, you (have) .. to practice a lot. 
16. I‟m doing the test very well now. I (not/do)  the test well if I (not/revise) . 
thoroughly last night. 
17. If we (work)  all night, we would finish in time. 
18. . (sleep) for twelve hours, I felt marvelous. 
19. We decided not to travel, . (hear) the terrible weather forecast. 
20. I don‟t recall .. (see) him at the conference last week. 
21. They now regret .. (spoil) their son by providing too many material possessions for him. 
22. .. (Watch) television to the exclusion of all other activities is not a healthy habit for a 
growing child. 
23. I overheard her (tell)  Jack that she was seriously ill. 
24. (Be) .. his own boss for such a long time, he found it hard to accept orders from another. 
25. (Read)  the instruction, he snatched up the fire extinguisher. 
26. I smelt something (burn) .. and saw smoke (rise)  
27. She doesn‟t spend much time (prepare)  her lessons. 
28. If she catches you (read) . her diary, she‟ll be furious. 
29. Susan walked down the street, (sing)  merily. 
30. (Laugh)  at by everyone, he was disappointed. 
31. I‟m sure it‟s not my fault that Peter found out what we were planning. I don‟t remember (tell) 
 anyone about it. 
32. (Keep)  one hand on the steering wheel, Ann opened a can of soda with her free hand. 
33. Her remark was followed by an (embarrass) . silence. 
34. It‟s no good (accuse) . me of getting the figures! 
35. Six months after the accident, he still has difficulty (walk)  
VII/ Fill in each of the blanks with a proper preposition: 
Gia sư Thành Được www.daythem.edu.vn 
1. He apologized . not being able to complete the poem. 
2. The teacher explained the competition‟s rules . the students very carefully. 
3. The contest aimed to stimulate the spirit of learning English . students. 
4. They give care and comfort . disadvantaged children. 
5. They have no money and are forced to live . charity. 
6. She frequently volunteers . extra work because she really likes her job. 
7. Like many other baby birds, ducklings are blind  birth. 
8. Lack .. food had stunted his growth. 
9. Nigeria has a population . nearly 100 million. 
10. Scientists say that the main reason .. population explosion is an increase .. birth 
11. Do you believe ............. ghosts? 
12. I'm thankful ............ him ............... his advice. 
13. I don't object .............. lending you my pen, but wouldn't it be better if you had a pen .............. your 
14. "I thought we were buying hamburgers for the barbecue." - "Some insisted ............. getting chickens 
15. A decrease ............ the supply of goods usually results in an increase ............. the price of the goods. 
I. Complete each sentence using the correct form of the words in brackets 
1. decorative 2. traditionally 3. populated 4. safely 5. safety 
6. supportive 7. volunteers 8. organizations 9. growth 10. increasingly 
11. performance 12. representations 13. competitive 14. representative 
15. compete 16. stimulates 17. traditional 18. preparations 
19. planning 20. representatives 21. participation 22. disadvantage 
23, voluntarily 24. disadvantaged 25. embarrassing 26. competition 
27. unselfishness 28. orphanage 29. mountainous 30. celebration 
II. Fill each blank with a suitable word in the box. 
1. control 2. method 3. resources 4. limit 5. increases 6. exchange 7. mutual 8. loyal 
9. idols 10. anniversary 
1 sympathy 2. comfort 3 glance 4 unforgettable 5. celebrate 6. traditional 
7 . decreased 8. support 9 population 10. incapable 
III. Complete each sentence using the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 
Gia sư Thành Được www.daythem.edu.vn 
1. To be included 11 to be asked 21 To make 
2 To disguise/dressing 12 To wake/to hear/beating 22 spending 
3. cooking 13 Being caught 23 queuing 
4 Being picked 14 Driving/ being 24 seeing 
5 To be invited 15 Telling 25 sitting 
6 Walking/catch 16 To come/ standing 26 To work/to make 
7 To inform 17 To buy 27 cutting 
8 Going/seeing 18 To visit 28 driving 
9 Climbing/ to explain/ to say/to 
19 To have 29 To invite 
10 Getting/ climbing/ to do 20 To quit 30 To upset 
IV. Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same: 
1) I watched the man bump into a woman and snatch her handbag. 
2) I felt someone walk into the room 
3) He haslearned to drive since he was eighteen. 
4) He has investigated the case for a week 
5) Not having a credit card, I found it difficult to book an airline ticket over the phone. 
6) Walking on the grass is forbidden 
7) Not having seen him for ages, I didn‟t recognize him. 
8) Swimming everyday is a good way of keeping fit 
9) Smoking is banned here. 
10) After telling/having told him off, I realized I was wrong 
11) I saw Jimmy get into his car and drive away 
12) It was safer to go by train 
13) That was very generous of Long to give me 50,000 dong 
14) This coffee is too hot for me to drink. 
15) Mike thanked me for inviting him to my birthday party 
16) Mr Forest admitted making/having made a mistake in the calculations 
17) Sarah insisted on paying for the meal 
18) Neil suggested going to Paris for the weekend 
19) Margaret apologied for not phoning me earlier 
20) The mother accused the boy of doing what she had said 
21) If they had had enough money, they would have bought the house 
22) If she had hurried, she wouldn‟t have missed the train. 
23) Unless we try to reduce population ,world population will continue to rise 
24) If we don‟t go we‟ll be late. 
25) My son said that if I gave him some wire, he will hang that picture for me 
26) Nga told Long if she were him, she wouldn‟t behave like that. 
27) Mrs. Mai told me I could come and stay with her if I were ever in London 
28) Were I you,I wouldn‟t do that. 
29) Should it rain tonight, I will stay at home 
Gia sư Thành Được www.daythem.edu.vn 
30) Had they confirmed by phone, the airline could have warned them. 
V. Build complete sentences with the given words: 
1. It was difficult for Ann to eat Chinese food when she was in China. 
2. After Mr Hanh had finished her work, she went home. 
3. He prefers reading books to going the cinema. 
4. It was very kind of you to help my family. 
5. Lan and Mai have known each other for many years. 
6. If it rains heavily tomorrow, I will stay at home to read books. 
7. I think we should set up an English speaking club because many students have difficulty in learning 
8. . If she has free time next week, she will take a course dancing. 
9. . This man dreamed of having a house in the city. 
10. She apologized for behaving so badly to me. 
VI/ Verbs forms: 
1. wouldn‟t feel 
2. doesn‟t listen 
3. rose /would call 
4. would have succeeded 
5. want 
6. would you go / had 
7. had drunk / wouldn‟t have been 
8. wouldn‟t have behaved 
9. would have taken / had known 
10. had been 
11. hadn‟t decided / would go 
12. knew 
13. hadn‟t studied / would have passed 
14. wouldn‟t have failed 
15. will have 
16. wouldn‟t do / hadn‟t revised 
17. worked 
18. Having slept 
19. Having heard 
20. having seen 
21. having spoilt 
22. Watching 
23. telling 
24. Having been 
25. Having read 
26. burning / rising 
27. preparing 
28. reading 
29. singing 
30. Laughed 
31. having told 
32. keeping 
Gia sư Thành Được www.daythem.edu.vn 
33. embarrassing 
34. accusing 
35. walking 
VII. Prepositions: 
1. for 
2. to 
3. among 
4. to 
5. on 
6. for 
7. at 
8. of 
9. of 
10. for 
11. in 
12. to / for 
13. to / of 
14. on 
15. in / in 

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